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Presentation on teen summer reading for the CLA presentation on You Are Here

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  • Good afternoon, I’m Amanda Jacobs Foust with Marin County Free Library system. I’m here to discuss You Are Here: Travel and World Culture CLA’s California 2011 Summer Reading Program for Teens.
  • Photo contest! Opportunity to host a how-to digital photography class at the start of summer. Have teens take vacation photos with their library card (or library-determined mascot or item). Or have them take pictures of themselves reading on vacation. Include local staycations and more exotic travel. Teens can earn a raffle ticket or small prize, depending on the structure of your summer reading program. Photos can be displayed in the library, on the website or in a photo album. Pick the best, frame them and create an art show, complete with an end of summer art opening. Alternative: have them photoshop themselves and/or library card into their dream vacation.
  • And you can create a Flickr group for teens to upload and share their vacation photos online. Flickr also provides tools to geotag photos and upload them to a shared world map. Flickr provides training videos to explain both the maps and geotagging. Also, Picassa Web Albums (Google’s Photo Management service) includes geotagging in their latest BETA version, which should be live in time for next summer.
  • Postcards! You can do a similar program with postcards. Have teens send in postcards from their travels and display them in the library. You can structure the program to include short poetry and stories about the location, provide bonus points to patrons who send in reading or literacy-related postcards or determine different categories: closest and farthest locations, etc. The manual also includes a programing idea for Mystery Photos: You Are Here. But Where Is This? Contest.
  • Journaling! Another chance to host an early summer program, such as a journal or writing workshop and then host a writing contest. You can include travel themed journals (or teens can provide their own). For more detailed information, see page 33 of the manual and/or the You Are Here Resources handout.
  • Collage! Scrapbooking! Host an end of summer collage or scrapbooking event. The art can be inspired by their own vacation or by books they’ve read.
  • Each Summer, the Marin County Free Library TSR program hosts eight Book of the Week clues. The clues are written and designed to promote the use of the OPACs in searching for and determining the correct title (and that’s the tricky part, finding a good book with a thorough record). Teens read the clues and submit their answers via the Evanced Summer Reading software and each correct answer earns them a raffle ticket (we’ve also done this without Evanced, by posting the clues in the Teen Area and near the OPACs). We add Book of the Week listing to the alt note in Milenium (not searchable). This year we may change it from title of book to location of book.
  • Craft: Luggage Tags! Oriental Trading, a librarian’s best friend. $55.38 plus tax/shipping and handling for 24 tags, with some leftovers and instructions available on the website. A steal. Or just purchase the luggage tags, 24 for $15.96. Or, don’t buy anything, use magazines, on hand craft supplies and a laminator.
  • Film! If you have a public performance viewing license and a TV/DVD Player/Screen/Projector, you can host an international film festival. Anime distributors If you have access to Flip cameras and computers with Windows Movie Maker, teens can create and submit short films about their summer vacations, which can be hosted on the library website or YouTube. To celebrate, throw a red carpet premiere party.
  • Food! Every teen librarian worth their salt knows that food is key in successful programming. The manual offers several food related suggestions, but I think an international candy sampling will really draw teens in. Those with any kind of ethnic or international food market are sitting on a goldmine.
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    7. 7. You Are Here <ul><li>Book of the Week Clues </li></ul>This 2008 Bildungsromans, or coming of age story, features the usual fare: a smart and quirky male protagonist, a childhood friend and romantic interest, who is as fabulous as she is unattainable, and a life-altering road trip out of Florida. To mix it up, the author adds a pre-graduation intrigue that centers around a missing person, who has left a series of clues to their fate in a highlighted copy of Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass .
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    11. 11. Questions? <ul><li>Amanda Jacobs Foust </li></ul><ul><li>Marin County Free Library </li></ul><ul><li>[email_address] </li></ul><ul><ul><ul><li>The California Summer Reading Program is a project of the California Library Association, supported by the U.S. Institute of Museum and Library Services under the provisions of the Library Services and Technology Act , administered in California by the State Librarian. </li></ul></ul></ul><ul><ul><ul><li>The Collaborative Summer Library Program (CSLP) is the sponsoring organization for the 2011 Summer Library Program. Artwork is for use by CSLP members only. Copyright 2010-2011 by Highsmith Inc. All rights reserved. No images may be reproduced without written permission. </li></ul></ul></ul>