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D103 - Building Ebook Platforms: By and For Libraries Outline


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Monique Sendze, Director of Information Technology, Douglas County Libraries
Amanda Jacobs Foust, enki Collection Development Coordinator, Califa Library Group
Michele Farrell, Senior Library Program Officer, Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS)
In Colorado and California, libraries are charting new paths for ebook hosting and lending. This session explores how two distinct open source systems emerged from common roots and evolved in different ways. DCL developed the DCL eBook Model to serve a single ILS and is now expanding the model using a hybrid of both commercial and open source systems with the eVoke Colorado statewide ebook lending project. Throughout its journey, DCL has documented and made freely available its “How to Do It” materials to help others break through restrictions traditionally imposed on library eBooks. The Califa Library Group, with partner Contra Costa County Library, were inspired by the DCL model to develop the enki library, a statewide consortium-owned ebook platform, which currently serves more than 80 library jurisdictions in California. These alternative ebook systems benefit from ongoing negotiations with publishers, which enable libraries to manage collections directly rather than license content through an aggregator. Both projects received IMLS funding and will speak to IMLS’ strategic priority of a national digital platform. By working together to avoid recreating the wheel, these institutions offer smart lessons that the library community as a whole can benefit from. Hear about their successes, challenges, and next steps as they continue to pave the way for others.

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D103 - Building Ebook Platforms: By and For Libraries Outline

  1. 1. eBooks Reimagined: Alternative Systems Created by and for Libraries Outline: Amanda Jacobs Foust 1. Why? What made you decide to do this in the first place: a. In 2013 the enki Library, an eBook platform built by libraries for libraries, launched in response to the demand from libraries to work directly with publishers to purchase eBook files and host them on a platform that the library owned rather than lease titles on a proprietary vendor-owned platforms. enki: a Sumerian deity of mischief, intelligence and creativity. 2. Designing the project: a. Califa, the largest library network in California, is a consortia of more than 220 library that serves public, academic, school and special libraries. Founded in 2004 as a 5013c non-profit public corporation. As a membership-based service bureau designed to provide member- enhanced, value added services to all California Libraries, the Califa Group brokers and facilitates the delivery of programs and products; sponsors statewide projects; as well as manages master contracts for and pricing agreements. Independently, Contra Costa County Library and Califa decided to do something about this, and to be proactive in finding a solution. We teamed up to build enki, an eBook platform that is built on open source code, with content that is purchased directly from publishers; not through a vendor. Our small team took a year to build the platform and develop a collection. We are actively negotiating with publishers, and adding more content all the time. Acquiring this format, however, has not been without its challenges, with three key issues confronting librarians; licensing vs. ownership, third-party vendor limitations, and the availability and pricing of eBooks from publishers. 3. How you funded it: a. Primarily via LSTA/Grant funding. Post-launch; continued grant funding plus tiered pricing from subscribing libraries 4. Sustainability a. Network of volunteers that support enki in a vast amount of ways; including collection development, technology committee and help desk support. Form is on website for sign-ups. Assistance with FAQ/Help page and blog. 5. Any software/technology you choose to do this project: a. Support of software consultancy Quipu Group, VuFind, Enki was designed to allow member libraries to loan out ebook content hosted on Califa- managed Adobe Content Servers. b. MARC records: We have created catalog MARC records for the enki Library shared collection (to date) and are making these freely available to library members for loading into your catalogs. Records are automatically created from the data we get from publishers, and are therefore relatively
  2. 2. minimal. The 856 MARC info includes the URL for your library patrons to link to the record. Staff may wish to edit the subfields to match your ILS’s conventions for hyperlinked text within that field. 6. Next Steps a. Marketing and more hands-on Staff Training: Catching Up b. Development of national marketplace for acquisitions. Califa is part of ongoing planning and discussion via the DPLA (Digital Public Library of America). c. Individual buying for individual libraries similar to OverDrive Advantage d. Self-Publishing and hosting sel-published material Notes • 2013 launched beta • 2013/2014 opened up for all Califa members • enki is different than the other eBook platforms your library may have. • eBook platform built on open source code • We own all the titles • Purchase content directly from publishers • We have never paid retail • Almost 40,000 titles (only about 5,000 are Smashwords) • Shared collection • 4:1 hold ratio • Epub format Will need: • Adobe Digital Editions • Bluefire app (overdrive) Catalog • Home page • Carousel • Search – keyword or subject • Results • Refine search
  3. 3. Check Out Book • Can check out 10 books at one time • Check out books for 21 days • Can put 10 books on hold at a time • No Overdue Fines • No renewal feature, but if no one is waiting you can check it out again right away • Can return books early Deleting Book • All books check out for 21 days • From your account in enki library can return now (right side) • Computer – delete from adobe editions (library) • Device – delete from device (may need to be plugged into computer NOOK) Download to Read on:  Browser  Computer  Tablet  eReader Publishers from whom we have ordered titles for the shared collection: ABDO Actrace Akashik Booktrope Book View Cafe BQB Publishing Britannica CJ Lyons Cool Gus Crossroads Dzanc F+W Media Henery Press Independent Publishers Group: Publishers included in IPG are listed on their site. Infobase
  4. 4. Information Today Jukepop Serials Kensington (read press release) Namelos National Highlights New Harbinger Permanent Press Poisoned Pen Press Raw Dog Screaming Press Rowman & Littlefield SheWrites Press Smashwords University of California Press Workman Xist