TED Presentation Eval: J.J. Abrams


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An assignment to evaluate the effectiveness of a TED presentation given by director J.J. Abrams

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TED Presentation Eval: J.J. Abrams

  1. 1. Mystery Box with J.J. AbramsPhoto courtesy of TheMarySue.com Angie Perkins – PSP:1206
  2. 2. TED Evaluation: J.J. Abrams So, who is this guy? Director Writer Producer All images from imdb.com
  3. 3. TED Evaluation: J.J. Abrams Why was he at TED? “…Mystery is the catalyst for imagination.” Mystery invites us to think, to create, and to draw our own conclusions.
  4. 4. TED Evaluation: J.J. Abrams Warming up to the crowd… Humor works wonders. By opening with a science reference, he broke the ice amongst professionals who are not all in the entertainment industry. Picture from: http://swift.cmbi.ru.nl/teach/alg/infopages/proteins.shtml
  5. 5. TED Evaluation: J.J. Abrams Keeping it Real Abrams kept the audience engaged with personal stories of his grandfather and the inspiring role he played in the director’s early life. Having a self-aware sense of humor Movie still of “Jaws” (1975). Copyright Universal Pictures. helped, too. With the use of movie clips, Abrams was able to relay his points by example. He also brought his Mystery Box.
  6. 6. TED Evaluation: J.J. Abrams Obeying the TED Commandments From the TED Website: Dream Big. “…Do something that will be remembered forever...” Learn to take the unknown as a challenge, not an obstacle. In storytelling, leaving a sense of mystery allows a person to draw their own conclusions and make their own connections to the story. As an artist and writer, I can use this element to enhance a story or art piece. Let the viewer have some freedom to interpret.
  7. 7. TED Evaluation: J.J. Abrams The Scorecard Abrams gets 4 out of 5 on the Dynamism Scale. Pros: Cons: • Relatable – connected with audience • Sounded underprepared (Word • Humorous fillers) • Visually appealing presentation • Not much of a “closer” “Vault Boy” character copyright Bethesda Softworks.
  8. 8. TED Evaluation: J.J. Abrams Learn From the Pros The key to success in presenting? Again, the key words are “be relatable.” While giving presentations, keep the audience interested and involved. Use terms and examples that are familiar with the listener, so they are not left in the dark or alienated.
  9. 9. TED Evaluation: J.J. Abrams Sir Ken Robinson I know what you’re thinking… “Wait a second… I thought this was about J.J. Abrams!” Robinson is arguably one of the most professional speakers at TED. So, naturally, comparisons are inevitable.
  10. 10. TED Evaluation: J.J. Abrams How do they stack up? They both: However: • Made connections with their • Abrams, while confident in his audience by relating personal beliefs, seemed less practiced stories. with the speech. Robinson is very well-rehearsed and comfortable. • Were very passionate about their chosen topics, backed •Robinson had a more organized up by example and outline in the presentation. experience. • Abrams used a lot of visual aides • Had similar purposes in (not necessarily bad), while their presentations – Robinson used none. challenge people to expand their creativity.
  11. 11. TED Evaluation: J.J. Abrams My Final Thought The best lessons from watching this presentation. Relaxation is key. Practice makes perfect. http://www.insidesocal.com/tomhoffarth/archives/2011/06/sh http://communicationskillstips.com/2012/3- awn-greens-ze.html great-ways-to-practice-your-speech/ Most Important: Care about what you’re trying to communicate.