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Native Kubernetes support on Docker Platform


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Presented this session to Docker Bangalore Meetup which happened in VMware office. It talks about Kubernetes support under Docker Platform

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Native Kubernetes support on Docker Platform

  1. 1. Native Kubernetes support on Docker Platform Date – 2/10/2018 Docker Bangalore Meetup
  2. 2. Agenda • Kubernetes supported Docker Platforms • Docker for Mac – Current Status • Swarm & Kubernetes – Together In-Action • Demo
  3. 3. Kubernetes Supported Docker Platforms
  4. 4. Kubernetes Supported Docker Platform Docker For Mac 17.12+ Beta Docker for Win 18.02 CE+ Beta Docker EE 2.0 Beta
  5. 5. K8s powered Docker for Mac - Kubernetes is available under Docker for Mac 17.12 CE Edge and higher - Available only under Edge Release, NOT included under Stable Release - No need to install Kubernetes. IT COMES OUT-OF-THE-BOX - It includes a standalone Kubernetes server & client as well as Docker CLI Integration - The Kubernetes server runs within a Docker container on your Mac, and is only for local testing. - Use the DOCKER_ORCHESTRATOR variable to override the default orchestrator for a given terminal session or a single Docker command
  6. 6. Docker Compose Docker Stack Deploy Introducing “Stack” API controller API controller K8s objects: Pods Services Deployment Swarm Services
  7. 7. Introducing “Stack” in Kubernetes - A Custom API server been introduced by Docker Inc. ~ - This API is in charge of keeping your stack up and running - Internally it converts services to Kubernetes objects and maintaining them. - The controller is still not open source by Docker Inc - It watches for stacks and create/update corresponding K8s objects(deployment, services etc.). - The controller reconcile the stacks(stored in the API-server) with K8s native object.
  8. 8. Docker Compose Docker Stack Deploy Familiar Docker CLI & Tools to deploy Swarm & Kubernetes $docker stack ls $docker service ps $kubectl get stacks –o name Deployment Updates Rollback Logs Scaling
  9. 9. It’s Demo Time - Walkthrough ~ Enabling Kubernetes under Docker for Mac Platform - Kubernetes & Swarm In-Action together - Namespace Context Switching
  10. 10. Learn More
  11. 11. Thank You