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Kubernetes Powered Docker for Mac Platform


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I presented this session on Docker Bangalore Meetup which happened last week. It was completely fun interacting with Docker community.

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Kubernetes Powered Docker for Mac Platform

  1. 1. Native Kubernetes support on Docker Platform Date – 2/10/2018 Docker Bangalore Meetup
  2. 2. Agenda • Docker Platform – Then & Now • Kubernetes supported Docker Platforms • Docker for Mac – Current Status • Swarm & Kubernetes – Together In-Action • Demo
  3. 3. Docker Enterprise Edition Container Runtime Orchestration Developer Tools Management Services Docker Community Edition Swarm containerd
  4. 4. Docker Enterprise Edition Docker Community Edition containerd 2 3 4 The best container development workflow The best enterprise container security and management Native Kubernetes integration provides full ecosystem compatibility Industry-standard container runtime Docker with Swarm and Kubernetes
  5. 5. Why is Docker making this announcement? Ask from Community & Customer – - To have both Swarm and K8s available for the pockets within their organization that are using it - To make Kubernetes easier to manage - For a Docker Dev to Ops experience with Kubernetes - For advanced capabilities of Docker EE around the secure software supply chain, HA and automation for Kubernetes - To make Kubernetes management available across Windows, multiple Linux distros and Clouds
  6. 6. Test locally on Swarm and Kubernetes Develop with Docker Community Edition on your workstation Deploy to production in Swarm Deploy to production in Kubernetes Docker Community Edition All in one development for Swarm and Kubernetes
  7. 7. Kubernetes Supported Docker Platforms
  8. 8. Kubernetes Supported Docker Platform Docker For Mac 17.12+ Docker For Windows 18.02 CE+
  9. 9. K8s powered Docker for Mac - Kubernetes is available under Docker for Mac 17.12 CE Edge and higher - Available only under Edge Release, NOT included under Stable Release - No need to install Kubernetes. IT COMES OUT-OF-THE-BOX - It includes a standalone Kubernetes server & client as well as Docker CLI Integration - The Kubernetes server runs within a Docker container on your Mac, and is only for local testing. - Use the DOCKER_ORCHESTRATOR variable to override the default orchestrator for a given terminal session or a single Docker command
  10. 10. Docker Compose Docker Stack Deploy Familiar Docker CLI & Tools to deploy Swarm & Kubernetes $docker stack ls $docker service ps $kubectl get stacks –o name Deployment Updates Rollback Logs Scaling
  11. 11. Docker Compose Docker Stack Deploy Introducing “Stack” API controller API controller K8s objects: Pods Services Deployment Swarm Services
  12. 12. It’s Demo Time - Walkthrough ~ Enabling Kubernetes under Docker for Mac Platform - Kubernetes & Swarm In-Action together - Context Switching – Minikube, GKE & Docker for Desktop
  13. 13. Learn More
  14. 14. Thank You