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Dockercon 2018 EU Updates


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I presented this during Docker Bangalore Joint Meetup with Kubernetes & OpenShift and CloudNativeCon NA 2018 Conf Updates

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Dockercon 2018 EU Updates

  1. 1. Ajeet Singh Raina Twitter: @ajeetsraina GitHub: ajeetraina Dockercon 18 EU Announcements & Updates
  2. 2. Dockercon Announcement & Updates Agenda 00:05 Dockercon Experience Open 00:10 Docker Desktop Enterprise Enterprise Customer 00:15 Compose on Kubernetes Community 00:20 CNAB Community 00:25 Docker Assemble Enterprise Developer 00:30 Docker Application Packages Community 00:35 Demo Open
  3. 3. Dockercon Experience
  4. 4. Dockercon Experience
  5. 5. Docker Desktop Enterprise
  6. 6. Docker Desktop Enterprise New Commercial Desktop Product Company-provided application templates Creating production- Ready container solution in a secure way Configurable Version Packs - - App Designer UI - - - Packaged as standard MSI - Lockable settings via policy files - Present developers with customized and approved application templates, ready for coding Developers IT
  7. 7. Docker Desktop Community Vs Enterprise Docker Desktop Community Docker Desktop Enterprise Simplest Path to Container-based Development Latest Docker Engine Based on Containerd Certified Kubernetes Available for Windows 10 & MacOS Develop in any Language & Framework, even multiple versions simultaneously
  8. 8. Docker Desktop Community Vs Enterprise Docker Desktop Community Docker Desktop Enterprise Production-Ready Environment Same API & Commands shared by Developers in Production Application Designer interface to simplify creating & developing Docker applications Swappable Docker Engine and Kubernetes versions to match Docker Enterprise production environments
  9. 9. Application Designer Docker Desktop Enterprise
  10. 10. Swappable Docker Engine Docker Desktop Enterprise
  11. 11. Docker Desktop Community Vs Enterprise Docker Desktop Community Docker Desktop Enterprise IT Manageability Maintain & Distribute across 100s of desktops with standard MSI/PKG installers Selective configuration restrictions Technical Support SLA from Docker Inc. Customizable Application Templates
  12. 12. Customized Application Templates Docker Desktop Enterprise
  13. 13. Docker Desktop Enterprise is available for preview in January with General Availability coming later in 1H 2019.
  14. 14. Cloud Native Application Bundle (CNAB)
  15. 15. Primitives(VMs, Containers, Storage) Low Level APIs(JSON, REST API ) Composite APIs(ARM, Terraform) & Tooling No single solution for defining and packaging these Multi-service, Multi-format distributed applications.
  16. 16. Primitives(VMs, Containers, Storage) Low Level APIs(JSON, REST API ) Composite APIs(ARM, Terraform) & Tooling CNAB Package
  17. 17. - A New open source package format specification for Bundling, Installing & Managing Distributed Apps - Created in close partnership with Docker, Supported by HashiCorp, Bitnami and more. - Manage distributed applications using a single installable file, reliably provision application resources in different environments, and easily manage the application lifecycle without having to use multiple toolsets. - Uses Handful of technologies – JSON, Docker containers, and OpenPGP - A Cloud agnostic ~ Works with everything from Azure to on-prem OpenStack, from Kubernetes to Swarm, and from Ansible to Terraform What is CNAB?
  18. 18. - An open source reference implementation of a CNAB client - It is a command line tool that allows you to install and manage CNAB bundles.. - Package and Unpackage distributed apps for deployment on whatever cloud platforms and services you use. - Provides all the core capabilities for working with CNAB. - It can install, upgrade, and uninstall CNAB bundles. - It can create new bundles, cryptographically sign them, and verify their integrity. - And as a reference implementation, it provides an example of how you can build CNAB- based solutions. Duffle – Package Manager for Cloud
  19. 19. - Microsoft and Docker plan to donate CNAB to an open source foundation publicly which is expected to happen early next year. - The first implementation of the spec is an experimental utility called Docker App, which Docker officially rolled out this Dockercon. - Expected to be integrated with Docker Enterprise in near future Docker’s Future Plan
  20. 20. Docker App CNAB examples - examples References
  21. 21. From Zero to Docker in seconds using Docker-assemble
  22. 22. Is a new command that generates optimized images from non dockerized apps capability to build an image without a Dockerfile analyze your app, dependencies & give you a sweet Docker image without authoring Dockerfiles. Built on top of buildKit Auto detect framework, versions etc. from a config file (.pom file) 21 3 4 5 > docker assemble
  23. 23. - Enterprise feature for now — NOT in the community version. - It is available for a couple languages and frameworks (like Java as demonstrated on Dockercon stage). - Vs Buildpack? It’s more than just an image (also ports, healthchecks, volume mounts, etc), and it’s integrated into the enterprise toolchain. The docker-assemble is sort of an enterprise- grade buildpack to help with digitalization. > docker assemble
  24. 24. Docker Application Packages
  25. 25. Simplified approach to share multi-service app(not just Docker Image) to DockerHub > docker-app
  26. 26. application-packagedocker-app/ package-docker-app/ cluster-running-on-docker-enterprise-2-0-using-docker-app- 0-6-0/ References
  27. 27. Compose on Kubernetes
  28. 28. Docker Community Edition All in one development for Swarm and Kubernetes
  29. 29. Familiar Docker CLI & Tools to deploy Swarm & Kubernetes Deployment Updates Rollback Logs Scaling Docker Compose
  30. 30. Compose on Kubernetes in Action
  31. 31. Reference •Compose on Kubernetes Guide for Azure AKS. •Compose for Kubernetes Guide for GKE. •Compose on Kubernetes Guide for Minikube.
  32. 32. Thank You