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Teen Reader's Advisory


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A Brief overview of Reader's Advisory for Teens.

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Teen Reader's Advisory

  1. 1. Beyond BellaReader’s Advisory for Teens
  2. 2. Teen Reader’s Advisory• It’s not as Scary as you Think• Teens just want a good read like everyone else• Same genres are big: – Fantasy – Mystery – Romance – Sci-fi – Adventure
  3. 3. Why Teen Fiction?• Teens want to read about people like them• Deals with issues that teens face on a daily basis• Weighty issues are given context
  4. 4. Paranormal Fiction
  5. 5. Fantasy
  6. 6. Science Fiction
  7. 7. Mystery
  8. 8. Series• Gossip Girl, A-list, The Clique• Summer Boys, Summer Girls• Pretty Little Liars
  9. 9. Hunger Games Readalikes