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WISERBridge Power Point


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WISERBridge promotes equal access to higher education by improving primary students’ academic outcomes through remedial student revision courses, targeted teacher professional development, streamlined benchmark assessments, collaboration between students, parents and educators, and an incentivizes for performance. WISERBridge enforces accountability to student performance, empowering students, teachers and parents through its vision.

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WISERBridge Power Point

  1. 1. A Glimpse Into the Lives of Muhuru Bay Primary School Students
  2. 2. Raise KCPE Scores in Muhuru Bay from a 193 Average to a 275 Average
  3. 3.  Currently, 0nly 5% of girls in Muhuru attend high school.  Last year, only 3 girls in all of Migori District (inclusive of 2,000 girls) earned a 400 score or higher; no girl in Muhuru scored a 400.  The average score of girls in Muhuru was a 181 on the January Baseline Exam; the average score of boys was a 202.  We want 100% of all girls in WISER to come from the local community!  We want ALL students in Muhuru to succeed!
  4. 4. 9 Original WISERBridge Schools + 3 New Additions = 12 Amazingly Ambitious WISERBridge Schools
  5. 5. St. Sos Peters The newest addition to the WISERBridge Program Obolo Primary, Standard 8
  6. 6. Rabwao Primary School Students, teachers, and parents celebrating new English textbooks from WISERBridge. Ibencho Primary, Standard 8
  7. 7. Kumoni Primary School Standard 8 Students excited by their new textbooks provided by WISERBridge. Nyangwayo Primary, Standard 8
  8. 8. Winjo Primary, Standard 8 Nyakondo Primary School Standard 8 students receive supplies, including notebooks and textbooks, provided by WISERBridge.
  9. 9. Lisori Primary School Students, teachers, and parents celebrating their new English textbooks from WISERBridge. Senye Primary, Standard 8
  10. 10. Remedial Instruction + Professional Development + Teacher and Student Incentives = Success!
  11. 11. In January, Standard 8 students sat for their Baseline Exams to determine their “starting scores.” The average score? 193 out of 500
  12. 12. Realizing the need for improvement, students now review an extra 7 hours a week to improve their English, Math, Kiswahili, Science and Social Studies knowledge.
  13. 13. In March, the students had the chance to prove what they learned in the first term.
  14. 14. After the April break, WISERBridge students, parents, teachers, and the local Area Education Officer celebrate the success of the Term 1 results. They grew 37 points from the first exam in January!
  15. 15. During the year, teachers have been taught many skills to help improve their instruction. Here, they learned the basics of data-driven instruction and long- term planning.
  16. 16. In March, teachers learned how to use writing rubrics to grade English and Kiswahili Compositions.
  17. 17. In June, teachers from 10 primary schools coordinated an Excellent School Visit, observing at one of the most improved schools, Kumoni.
  18. 18. In June, parents, teachers, students and the School Committee at Senye came together to discuss further ways to improve Senye’s achievement. Other schools have held similar meetings, with WISERBridge as the mediator.
  19. 19. 400 of Muhuru Bay’s Finest Primary Students 46 of Muhuru Bay’s Finest Teachers
  20. 20. Wendy, the highest performing student in Muhuru Bay. Carolyne and her son, Benard, 21 years apart and in the same Standard 8 class at Ibencho Primary.
  21. 21. Paulete, the highest performing student at Senye Primary School. Her mom is also a WISERBridge Thomas, a dedicated teacher at Senye. WISERBridge Teacher at Rabwao Primary School.
  22. 22. Chief Ogwang, a proud supporter of WISERBridge Children at St. Sos Peters, looking and local chief of Southeast forward to their turn at Muhuru WISERBridge.
  23. 23. The concerned parents of Muhuru The future WISERBridge students
  24. 24. By the end of the first term in March of 2009… Students improved a 193 average to a 230 average between January and March. Girls in Muhuru increased overall 38 points from the baseline exam from a 181 to a 219 average. Girls at 7 out of 10 schools incurred at least 35 points of growth. 6 of the 10 primary schools improved over 41 points.
  25. 25. In fact… WISERBridge is predicting that about 5 girls from Muhuru will receive a 400 average by November. This is significant because last year, NO girl from Muhuru Bay received a 400 average, and only 3 girls in all of Migori District (about 2,000 girls) received a 400 average or higher.
  26. 26. (and it’s support of WISERBridge…)