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DvNT student infographic


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This infographic about self image was designed by a Danville New Tech sophomore during the 2012 Project Citizen. The student team collected field research in the form of surveys to put this infographic together.

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DvNT student infographic

  1. 1. Changes In The B O D Y !! B ODY “I wish I wasn’t underweight.” “I would like to change the acne on my face.” “I am “I wish I was taller.” “My too “Change my love feet skinny.” “My hands are handles.” “Change are abnormal.” my weight because of “My eyes look like ugly.” everybody elses.” “I wish I had smaller thighs.” bullying.” “I am old.”“I wish Ihad “It’s hard to get rid of fat in mymoremuscle.” belly area and it probably the “My nails part I am so conscientious.” never grow.” “My skin color is to pale. I need to tan.”Do you know anyone who hasan eating disorder? No 12 No Yes 89 Yes 62 29 Do you have a eating disorder?