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NH-47 Six laning


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A proposal to widen National Highway 47 to six lanes from Attingal to Vizhinjam near the city of Trivandrum, India.

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NH-47 Six laning

  1. 1. Proposal to Six-Lane the NH-47 in Trivandrum Presentation to Dr. Shashi Tharoor MP of Trivandrum & Union Minister of State for External Affairs Trivandrum Development Front
  2. 2. Contents • Executive Summary • Current Scenario • Proposal • Traffic Forecast Case Studies – IT Corridor – Vizhinjam Deep-sea Port • Summary • About TDF
  3. 3. Executive Summary • The NH-47 is proposed to be four-laned under NHDP Phase III and the tender process is nearly complete • Two stretches – Trivandrum to Oachira and Trivandrum to TN Border – are in Trivandrum district and pass through the Urban Agglomeration of Trivandrum city • Due to significant incremental and non-incremental growth in traffic, there is a clear case to six-lane the stretch of NH-47 from Attingal to Vizhinjam at the earliest • The growth is due to the spread of the urban agglomeration of Trivandrum as well as major developmental projects like Technopark expansion, Technocity and the Vizhinjam deep-sea port • Changes could be made in the current contracts to six-lane the concerned stretch
  4. 4. Current Scenario • The National Highway 47 (Kanyakumari – Salem) is the busiest road in Kerala connecting the two main cities of Trivandrum and Cochin • The stretch from the Tamilnadu border to Cherthalai is being upgraded to 4-lanes from the current 2 lanes in 3 packages: – TN border to Trivandrum (43 Kms) – Trivandrum to Oachira (85.57 Kms) – Oachira to Cherthala (83.6 Kms) • All packages are currently due to be awarded after completion of tender process in August 2009 • The NHAI DPR mentions that all stretches need to be urgently taken up for 4-laning as the threshold traffic volumes have already been exceeded as of 2004 • However, the traffic forecasts in the DPR are incremental in nature and do not take into account several major developments which could have significant impact on traffic
  5. 5. Basic Proposal • The stretch of NH-47 between Attingal town and the proposed site of the deep-sea port at Vizhinjam passes through the urban agglomeration (U/A) of Trivandrum city • The NH-47 between Attingal and Vizhinjam is fast developing into an arterial North-South road for the Trivandrum U/A with a population of almost 2 million people • The stretch is already seeing traffic volumes in excess of 30,000 PCUs/day which is comparable to stretches taken up for 6-laning in NHDP Phase V • The Trivandrum IT Corridor is aligned along the NH-47 from Thonnakkal to Chackai • Major developments like the International Airport, Vizhinjam deep-sea port, Technocity as well as the industrial belt of Trivandrum are aligned along this road • The Kovalam – Poovar tourism zone located on the stretch attracts 150,000 foreign and 10 million domestic tourists in 2008
  6. 6. Basic Proposal • The Ministry of Roads has included the Attingal – Trivandrum – TN Border stretch in the proposed National Expressway Network and the stretch has been accorded top priority; it is planned to be developed by 2012 • NHAI has also called for a feasibility study for an Outer Ring Road for Trivandrum under NHDP Phase VII – This ORR will possibly begin and terminate on or close to the Attingal - Vizhinjam stretch of the NH-47 – The ORR will encompass most of the proposed Trivandrum U/A and direct significant traffic on to the NH- 47 as it will act as the coastal link of the ORR • The National Games of India are due to be held in Trivandrum in Jan 2011. The Main Stadium is located on the stretch • Put together, this creates a strong need to six-lane the road from Attingal to Vizhinjam as part of the current project
  7. 7. Proposed Stretch Life Sciences Park Technocity Kazhakkoottam Junction Technopark Phase I Industrial Area Technopark Phases II & III ISRO Space Center Railway Terminal International Airport Kovalam Tourist Zone Vizhinjam Deep-sea Port
  8. 8. IT Corridor • The IT Corridor has about 4 million sq.ft of completed space and 28,000 employees at present; 3 million sq.ft in development • By 2018, there will be about 25 million sq.ft and 200,000 people working along the IT Corridor between Thonnakkal Junction and Chackai Junction on the NH-47 (Slides 8 & 9) • 5 major hotel projects, 4 mall projects and over 10,000 units of apartments under construction along this stretch • Considering about 50% usage of public transport (buses), the IT parks alone can create a traffic volume of about 30,000 PCUs/day/direction • As IT/ITES operations are shift based, 80% of the traffic could be in the peak times of 7-9 AM and 5-7 PM • An excellent case in point is the congestion experienced on NH-7 to Electronics City in Bangalore where about 100,000 people are employed • We could see peak traffic of over 12,000 PCUs/hour due to the IT Corridor development by 2018-20 and about 6000 PCUs/hr by 2015
  9. 9. Railway Line Courtesy: The Hindu
  10. 10. Forecast for IT space till 2018 25 IT Space (Mn Sq.ft) 20 Demand for Space 15 10 5 0 2006-07 2007-08 2008-09 2009-10 2010-11 2011-12 2012-13 2013-14 2014-15 2015-16 2016-17 2017-18 Time Sources: NASSCOM, Mckinsey, AT Kearney, PwC and Technopark studies
  11. 11. Vizhinjam • The upcoming port at Vizhinjam will be the deepest in the Indian Ocean region with drafts of over 18 meters • It is planned as a container transshipment hub to serve the whole of peninsular India • Traffic estimates are 3 million TEUs by 2018 and up to 6 million TEUs by 2020-22 (According to Lanco Infratech estimates; 2008) • It is likely that major port-related industries and non-container based activities will develop in and around the port area • About 10% of total container volume may be non-transshipment, which means about 300,000 TEUs in 2018 and 600,000 TEUs in 2022 • This could create traffic volumes of 3700 PCUs/day and 8000 PCUs/day along the proposed stretch by 2018 and 2022.
  12. 12. Traffic Growth Summary 2010 2015 2020 Remarks Current Traffic estimate 40,000 58,000 85,000 As per NHAI DPR; 2004 (PCUs/Day) Estimate of IT Corridor 5000 30000 60000 Slide 7,8,9 Traffic (PCUs/Day) Peak Traffic (PCUs/Hr) 1500 6000 12000 Estimate of port related 0 2000 8000 Slide 10 traffic (PCUs/Day) Total Additional Traffic Some of additional (PCUs/Day) N/A 25,000 30,000 traffic may already be in current estimate Total Peak Traffic N/A 6000 6000 (PCUs/Hr) Total Traffic (PCUs/Day) N/A > 70,000 > 110,000 Peak Traffic (PCUs/Hr) ~ 5000 10,000 16,000 Peak due to IT
  13. 13. Summary • The estimates used in the 2004 DPR will not include traffic growth due to non-incremental reasons such as the development of mega-projects such as the IT Corridor or Vizhinjam • As per NHAI DPR of 2004 for TN Border – Trivandrum package, peak traffic volume was 3200 PCUs/hr • Peak traffic figures of 10,000 PCUs/hr are achieved by 2015 and over 15,000 PCUs/hr by 2020 • As per previous studies by organisations like IIT Bombay and guidelines such as IRC 106-1990, six lane roads are needed for peak traffic volumes of 900-1200 PCUs/lane/hr and above (5400-7200 PCUs/hr) • The threshold level of traffic for six-laning could already have been reached at present and will certainly be exceeded by 2015 • There is an immediate need to six-lane the stretch from Attingal to Vizhinjam • A suitable Change-of-Scope can be issued to the successful contractor; 45 m ROW is already available
  14. 14. About TDF • The Trivandrum Development Front is a registered not-for-profit organisation which promotes developmental initiatives and projects in and around the city of Trivandrum, India • Our aim is to achieve betterment of the community through development of the regional economy • TDF has been working with the Government, its agencies, the business community of Trivandrum and major domestic and international investors to promote projects worth over US$ 4 Billion over the last 5 years • TDF has team of professionals working on a pro bono basis, with a cummulative experience of over 50 man-years in the infrastructure, property development, IT/ITES and consulting fields To know more about Trivandrum and TDF, visit