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Teaching r in india


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Teaching r in india

  1. 1. Teaching R in India Ajay Ohri1,2,* 1. 2. Author *Contact author: Keywords: teaching, online education, open source,developing economies, R Online Education 1. Evolving landscape of Online Education Providers 2. Evolving landscape of MOOCs 3. Issues in Online Education Teaching 1. 2. 3. 4. Issues in teaching R professionally in non academic setting Audience Focus Mix for Beginner versus Experienced Professional Business Analytics using R Open Source 1. Perceptions of using R 2. Employement opportunities in India in alternate analytics software 3. Why we need more credible and inexpensive certifications ? 4. Spreading awareness through a mix of meetups, conferences, certifications,blogs Developing Economies 1. Penetration of R in developing world versus developed world 2. Use cases specfic to developing economies 3. Sharing best practises globally R 1. 2. 3. 4. Pedagogy for researchers Pedagogy for business analysts Using GUI packages like Deducer and rattle Big data and Cloud Computing References A. Ohri (2013).R for Business Analytics SpringerLink : Bücher ISBN 1461443431, 9781461443438