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Revolution r enterprise 6 page brochure

  1. 1. R is Ready for Business™Revolution R Enterprise Adds Production-GradeCapabilities to RRevolution R Enterprise is production-grade analytics software built uponthe powerful open source R statistics Enterprise Deployment Performancelanguage. With commercial enhance-ments and professional support forreal-world use, it brings higher per- Open Source Rformance, greater scalability, and Technical Productivitystronger reliability to R – at a fraction Supportof the cost of legacy products.Revolution R Enterprise is 100% R & More™. Training & Big Data It includes all of R’s advanced data analysis Consulting Analysis and graphics capabilities, PLUS:• Performance Enhancements: Revolution R Enterprise is significantly faster than open source R for common real-world computations. Open Revolution R Source Enterprise• Greater Productivity & Ease-of-Use: Visual R development tools help R programmers write 100% Compatible with R language ✓ ✓ and debug R code faster. Thousands of Community-Developed ✓ ✓ Packages• Tackle ‘Big Data’: Perform advanced analytics Specialized Performance Enhancements ✓ on terabyte-class data sets, without restrictive memory barriers or expensive equipment. Visual IDE & Debugger ✓ Can Handle ‘Big Data’ ✓• IT-Friendly Enterprise Deployment: Integrate Scalable & Secure Web Deployment ✓ R code into your secure enterprise applications Professional Technical Support ✓ with a scalable Web Services framework. Graphical User Interface Coming Soon• On-Call Expert Technical Advice: Revolution R Available for 32- & 64-bit Windows & Red Hat Enterprise Linux Enterprise is backed by our team of veteran statisticians, support engineers and a global professional services network. Join the R Revolution at ANALYTICS | (650) 330-0553 | Twitter @RevolutionRRevolution Analytics is the leading commercial provider of software & support for the popular open source R statistics language.
  2. 2. Revolution R Enterpriseis 100%R and More™Unleash the power of open source R, the world’s mostsophisticated data analysis softwareIn the last ten years, the R statistics language plot. Heavily influenced by thought leaders in datahas exploded in popularity and functionality – visualization like Bill Cleveland and Edward Tufte,emerging as the data scientist’s tool of choice. R makes it easy to draw meaning from multidimen-Today, R is used by over 2 million analysts sional data with multi-panel charts, 3-D surfacesworldwide, many having been introduced to and more. The custom charting capabilities of R areits elegance and power in academia. These featured in many of the stunning infographics seenacademics have embraced R to solve their most in the New York Times, The Economist, and the Flow-challenging problems in fields ranging from ingData blog.computational biology to quantitative finance,and to train their students in these same fields. Get better results faster.The result has been an explosion of R Instead of using point-and-click menus or inflex-analysts and applications, lead- ible “black-box” procedures, R is aing to enthusiastic adoption “Since its release in 1996, programming language designedby premier analytics-driven R has dramatically expressly for data analysis. Experi-companies like Google, Face- changed the landscape of enced R programmers create databook, and LinkedIn. Now you research software. There analyses faster than users oftoo can unleash the power of R are very few things that legacy statistical software, within your workplace with the SAS or SPSS will do that the flexibility to mix-and-matchsupport, scalability and produc- R cannot, while R can do models for the best results. And Rtivity enhancements included a wide range of things scripts are easily automated, pro-in Revolution R Enterprise. that the others cannot.” moting both reproducible research and production deployments. Every data analysis technique at Robert A. Muenchen, the your fingertips. author of R for SAS and Draw on the talents of data Instead of limiting your analysis SPSS Users scientists worldwide. options with paid add-on modules, As a thriving open-source project, R includes virtually every data R is supported by a community of manipulation, statistical model, and chart that the more than 2 million users and thousands of develop- modern data scientist could ever need. And when ers worldwide. Whether you’re using R to optimize“close enough” isn’t good enough for your predic- portfolios, analyze genomic sequences, or to predict tive models, you can easily find, download and component failure times, experts in every domain use cutting-edge community-reviewed methods have made resources, applications and code avail- in statistics and predictive modeling from leading able for free, online. Whatever your specialized prob- researchers in data science, free of charge. lem, find the solution at the R Community site, www. beautiful and unique data visualizations.Representing complex data with charts and graphs For more insight into R, see our whitepaper, R is Hot:is an essential part of the data analysis process, and goes far beyond the traditional bar chart and line
  3. 3. Performance Productivity R is Ready for Business™ Revolution R Enterprise Brings High-Performance & Productivity to R Need more Speed? Visual IDE for R (Windows only) Enterprise Deployment Performance Benchmarks show Revolution R Enterprise features a visual Open Source Revolution R Enterprise development environment that enables faster, is significantly faster more accurate R programming for developers– R Technical Productivity Support than open source R leaving the command-line far behind! Training & Big Data Consulting Analysis for many real-world computations. Linked The Revolution R Productivity Environment features: with high-performance • Experience a modern development environment for the R language with a syntax-aware Script multi-threaded math libraries, Revolution Editor with highlighting, indentation, and more. R Enterprise automatically reduces computation times when using multi-core • Improve R programming proficiency with hover-over and multi-processor hardware. help, word completion and customizable “code snip- Matrix Multiply: 10,000 X 5,000 Matrix Cholesky Factorization: 10,000 X 5,000 Matrix pets” to automate common R programming tasks. 35 Open Source R 2.11.1 Revolution R 4.0 Open Source R 2.11.1 Revolution R 350 • Streamline interactions with the R language with 30 300 a fully-featured command-line editor and object 25 250Elapsed Time (seconds) Elapsed Time (seconds) browser. 20 200 15 150 • Create quality R code, faster with a full-featured 10 100 visual debugger with one-click breakpoints and 50 5 step-processing. 0 0 One Core Four Cores One Core Four Cores • Manage complex development projects with a Take immediate advantage of: Solution Explorer to organize data files, scripts and • Significant speed enhancements over open outputs. Save, load and switch projects with ease. source R. • Help Teams Collaborate and Control Changes with • 64-Bit Scalability: Analyze larger data sets on open source Subversion version control software. 64-bit Windows and Linux systems. • Parallel Processing Power: Reduce computation time for simulations, optimizations, segmented data analysis and more. Join the R Revolution at ANALYTICS | (650) 330-0553 | Twitter @RevolutionR Revolution Analytics is the leading commercial provider of software & support for the popular open source R statistics language.
  4. 4. Big Data AnalysisR is Ready for Business™Revolution R Enterprise Breaks Through R’s MemoryBarrier for Big Data Analysis Revolution Analytics • Extensibility, so that expert R users can develop Enterprise Deployment Performance has taken the popular and extend their own statistical algorithms to Open Source R statistics language take advantage of Revolution R Enterprise’s new speed and scalability capabilities. R to unprecedented new Technical Productivity Support levels of capacity and Average Arrival Delay by Day of Week by Departure Hour Training & Big Data Consulting Analysis performance for ana- Sunday lyzing very large data 20 15 sets. 10 5 0 Friday SaturdayFor the first time, R users can process, 20 15visualize and model terabyte-class data 10 5sets in a fraction of the time of legacy 0 ArrDelay Wednesday Thursday 20products – without employing expensive 15 10or specialized hardware. 5 0 Monday Tuesday 20Revolution R Enterprise features an 15 10innovative package called RevoScaleR that 5 0provides fast and efficient multi-core 0 5 10 15 20 25 DepartureHourprocessing of large data sets, including: RevoScaleR performs fast & efficient data• The XDF file format, a new binary ‘Big Data’ file analysis on this 13GB, 120 million-row format with an interface to the R language that data set on a common dual-core PC. provides high-speed access to arbitrary rows, blocks and columns of data. Take Hadoop and Other Big Data Sources to the Next Level• A collection of widely-used statistical Revolution R Enterprise fits well within the algorithms optimized for Big Data, including modern ‘Big Data’ architecture by leveraging high-performance implementations of popular sources such as Hadoop, NoSQL or key Summary Statistics, Linear Regression, value databases, relational databases and data Binomial Logistic Regression and Crosstabs — warehouses. These products can be used to with more to be added in the future. store, regularize and do basic manipulation on very large datasets—while Revolution R• Data Reading & Transformation Tools, which Enterprise provides advanced analytics at allow users to interactively explore and unparalleled speed and scale. prepare large data sets for analysis. Join the R Revolution at ANALYTICS | (650) 330-0553 | Twitter @RevolutionRRevolution Analytics is the leading commercial provider of software & support for the popular open source R statistics language.
  5. 5. Enterprise DeploymentR is Ready for Business™Integrate R-Based Analytics Across the Web orEnterprise with Revolution R Enterprise For enterprises who Put the power of R in the hands of decision makers. Enterprise Deployment Performance want to deploy their Supercharge your existing Excel spreadsheets, BI Open Source R-based business dashboards and Web-based applications by adding R solutions to multiple real-time analysis and predictions from R.Technical Productivity Support users, RevoDeployR Training & Big Data Maximize the impact of data analysts. Let your Consulting Analysis is a new Web Services rock-star data scientists focus on creating framework that can on-demand R code that runs in seconds, instead integrate dynamic of spending days creating one-off reports. R-based computations into Web applications. Consolidate computations on a cluster or in the cloud. The RevoDeployR server scales to support theIt allows data analysts working in R demands of all your decision makers, by schedulingto publish R scripts to a server-based computations in real time to available processors.installation of Revolution R Enterprise.Web or application developers can then Developer-tested, IT-approved. With a comprehensiveuse the RevoDeployR Web Services API Web Services API and industry-standard open-sourceto securely and scalably integrate the components, RevoDeployR makes it easy for applicationresults of these scripts into any appli- developers to integrate R code while adhering to IT standards.cation – without needing to learn the Rlanguage. Key Technical Features of RevoDeployR:With RevoDeployR, authorized users • Collection of Web services implemented as acan combine interactive Web applica- RESTful API.tions, desktop applications such as • JavaScript and Java client libraries, allowing usersMicrosoft Excel, and BI dashboards to easily build custom Web applications on top of R.with on-demand analytics and • Management Console for securely administratingadvanced visualizations developed servers, scripts and users.with R. Behind the scenes, these • XML and JSON format for data exchange.applications dynamically call to a • Built-in security model for authenticated orRevoDeployR server hosted on-premise anonymous invocation of R Scripts.or on Cloud platforms such as • Repository for storing R objects and R Script execution artifacts.Amazon EC2. Join the R Revolution at ANALYTICS | (650) 330-0553 | Twitter @RevolutionRRevolution Analytics is the leading commercial provider of software & support for the popular open source R statistics language.
  6. 6. Technical Support Training & ConsultingR is Ready for Business™With Revolution Analytics Professional Services On-Call Technical Consulting Enterprise Deployment Performance Support Revolution Analytics can help you develop Open Source Revolution Analytics and deploy successful analytics solutions offers installation R based on Revolution R best-practices –Technical Productivity Support assistance and through our in-house team of experts and Training & Big Data Consulting Analysis production-level by partnering with respected professional support for our services organizations worldwide. Enterprise subscribers – Past client projects have included: giving you a direct response for your specific question or issues. • Performance optimizations • Statistical algorithms & large-scaleIf your business requires fast resolution data modelsand reliable advice, our expert team is • Package validation, development andmade up of experienced statisticians supportand support engineers, who will help • Database integrationyou with the R language and advanced • Vertical industry & regulatory requirementsRevolution R Enterprise features. • Sponsored featuresFor extended support, on-call Consulting Trainingcredits can be purchased that will put Revolution Analytics also partners withthe expertise of Revolution Analytics leading experts in R and analytics to offerProfessional Services’ statisticians and professional training courses, designed tosolution architects at your disposal. give your organization a firm foundation in R programming and building high- performance applications that leverage R. Experienced instructors will customize these courses to meet your specific needs, schedule and budget – using data and examples relevant to your industry or research field. Contact Revolution Analytics to learn how its Professional Services team can help ensure your next analytics project is a success. Join the R Revolution at ANALYTICS | (650) 330-0553 | Twitter @RevolutionR Revolution Analytics is the leading commercial provider of software & support for the popular open source R statistics language.