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Analytics as a career


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Analytics as a career by Ajay Ohri

Published in: Data & Analytics
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Analytics as a career

  1. 1. Analytics and Data Science as a career Presented at Data Analytics Summit hosted by At Delhi School of Economics 13 August 2016
  2. 2. Introducing Let’s walk the talk
  3. 3. Ajay Ohri :Glorified Presenter author of two books on R* 12 years in analytics *and 4 books on poetry
  4. 4. ● Author "R for Business Analytics" ● Author “ R for Cloud Computing” ● Founder "" ● University of Tennessee, Knoxville MS (courses in statistics and computer science) ● MBA (IIM Lucknow,India-2003) ● B.Engineering (DCE 2001) Ajay Ohri : Education
  5. 5. Wikipedia As Featured in ● IBM Big Data ● Social Media Today ● Programmable Web ● Wired ● ReadWriteWeb ● KDNuggets Ajay Ohri :mostly a writer
  6. 6. Agenda What are we going to talk on
  7. 7. Agenda Analytics as a career Anecdotes - working, consulting, writing, teaching Do’s and Don’ts Rewards and Risks Career Journey Alternative Careers
  8. 8. Analytics as a career Good news ! You are both in high demand and low supply Bad news ! You have to keep learning new stuff
  9. 9. Global Analytics Started with Analytics in Finance, Telecom, Retail, et al SAS and SPSS were two players R made inroads post 2007 SAS still makes >2 billion dollars a year
  10. 10. Indian Analytics Started with Knowledge Processing Outsourcing A Brief History of Analytics in India -in-india/ Continued with financial and telecom Domestic analytics is not so advanced or saturated
  11. 11. Anecdotes - Working - clients always want more that you can do comfortably Consulting and IT pays more than BPO, KPO Consulting on your own - clients always pay less that you want to be paid Writing - writing is a painful way to make any money Teaching - very satisfying way but for a non Phd very tough Startups - get your stock options in writing Analytics as a career
  12. 12. Do’s - Need to have more than one skill - SAS , R, Python , Java (Hadoop) Need to know enough Statistics Need to have aptitude to learn business domain Don’ts - Balancing the three is tough- programming, stats, business You can get locked into legacy software if you stop learning (eg Matlab) Analytics as a career
  13. 13. Rewards- Well paying (price = high demand / low supply) Sustainable career path Can branch out in interesting areas (gaming, entertainment, mobile) Risks - Can be initially stressful Not recommended if you don’t like numbers Analytics as a career
  14. 14. Entertainment- How can we maximize probability of hit on given product (movie/serial) Sports- Which player for which IPL team How to maximize Olympics medals on minimum cost Social Media Analytics How to improve the capabilities of your company’s product and brand using data Lucrative and nascent and spam shows bad analytics Alternative Careers
  15. 15. Environmental- How can we have progress without climate change Using mobiles for data collection and Using cloud and big data for data processing Tax Enforcement- Help improve tax enforcement and reduce corruption using data analytics Counter Terrorism How to improve the capabilities of your country using very noisy data Very lucrative and very nascent Alternative Careers
  16. 16. The world needs good data scientists, you can have a great career in it Data science career helps you 1. make money 2. having fun 3. doing something useful Summary
  17. 17. Questions