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Target Architecture And Landscape


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Target Architecture And Landscape

  1. 1. Ajay Kumar Uppal
  2. 2. Ajay Kumar Uppal ‘ AS IS’ APPLICATIONS Metering & AVP Delivery Oxford St Albans Group Credit Assessment CGABS TGB Customer/1 SP32 ECMS Data flow Manager Process Manager Customer Manager Service Manager Centrica Universe Month End Outsource Print Manager Lighthouse Payment Arrangement Crystal Reports SAS EDI Centrevu IGTPM INXO BACS Desk Corporate Data bases On Demand Thorn Bloodhound Broker Desk MITEK Astron (HAYS) Asset 3rd Party Paypoint Payware Banner (Bank IF) Organisation Registration Self Service Web IVR Assisted Service Channels e-Mail Phone Mail F2F Customer Relationship Management Registrations Product Sourcing AVP Support Energy Billing Account Management Co-ordination Corporate Finance HR MIS Customer Analytics Payment & Validation Business Support Industry Interaction Control C/1 M I TGB M I PPI Business Objects Retriever SAP R/3 PPP / RPA Price Matrix CODA EDS Excel Access SQL Reports Power Quote Trader Secter LiveLink EDEFS Access ALBACS Bulk tariff calculator Ad hoc quote NIM DOC/1 Competitive Master AVP Trace B-Smart MDB EDe B-Smart JMS DACS MCS NGSS MAQ3 Data logger ESRS SPA DSPA CLONE IXN Gateway Formfill Campas Caspa DTC Router MPA Electralink Gateway ElectraLink Gateway Service Desk Sales Desk Invoice Server Cash Desk CODA Matching GMS Zylab Final Insolvency Target Result Avaya Definitiy Ironside SAM QAS Experian PVS ENOS Geneva 2 Nevada Davox Concerto Power Dialler Meridian Symposium SQL Meterworks Actuate Eiger Pay Latitude S No. search M No. search Matrix Goliath Field Sales Contracts MRCE Bill reads Periphonics Swift Access Data Mine Excel Omaha Pricing Calculators ICON Ext Agents Training CCC Info Man. Locat. Procedures Proc. Maps QAS Eiger Bank Wizard AQRS Witness(Eyretel) Eiger Bank Wizard Nimbus Control DFR MPAN Val. Corporate Commissions M Numbers Beat Meter Quote Db Sparkle Miracle Save Sale Exception + Essential Returns DB Fare MiniTab Benji Finder Avaya Definity ERS TES VSO Footprint Mecury Emergency Contact Mindsweep Excalibur SAM MI CGABS MI ESRS MI Service Desk M I OPS MI Goldmine Email Address Data Base Electralink Gateway Experian Credit Link AQ Appeals AQ Calculator GEN GEN MAQ3 MPAN Check HLCD BSS ESP NCID Log Optimist Transco Sett Invoice Import Accuread DL Profile Import SA Invoices Cheque Printing Laser Mail AnaData CALD Letter Generator World Mail Merge CQM KOFAX Contract Terminations Tracker SAP Inv Proc Data Broker CTCS Euro Ledger GasData Broker FACE CCL TMS CAMS BEVAP Pledge Price Checker Gas Demand Forecasting Web Quote Price Manager Siteworks ERIS Electricity Accurals Litigation Lockbox Minder Debt Manager POCL Payment Arrangement Cancellations BUCSS Matcher Persolvo DD Collector Corp Debt Path Managent System Security Deposit DB Voyager Emergency Contact Shipper Functions Regulatory Reporting FACsys Customer Retention WL Contracts Db Target Import Hexagon MAP Honey Pot INTG8 Meter Box PSL Shipper Fusion New application Beacon interface No symbol = Remaining Legacy / Stand Alone ? Beacon to replace Key: ? ? Beacon issue? A&P issue ? SDM (Standing Data Manager) Report Desk Data Management Tool Bulk Contract Manager Rensys Service Line
  3. 3. Ajay Kumar Uppal