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CRT Module


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Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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CRT Module

  1. 1. More than 25% Engineers don’t posses English comprehension skills required to understand Engineering Curriculum Only 57% Engineers can write grammatically correct sentences in English.
  2. 2. Don’t Say there are no Jobs in Market!!! Instead make sure, your thinking process ,work attitude ,decision making best suits for your career. Shiftj CRT Module will broaden your job search based on your personality and aptitude thus helping you choose a career path that matches with your interest.
  3. 3. Those who want to get ahead in today’s dynamic workplace know the value of lifelong learning Learn How our Shift J CRT module prepares you for success
  4. 4. Don’t hesitate to know the details 040-66346667/ 9640966677 Venue: Shift J Training services #603, 6th Floor, Swapnalok Complex, Secunderabad.