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  • In the internet space there is a lot of noise.. How will standout from the noise and what will be our big idea?
  • The three rules defined by JTON.
  • The vision will connect the strategy and the tactics with the actual marketing plan. The marketing strategy is a framework and will tell you what you should be doing. The marketing Plan will tell you how to execute in the appropriate medium.
  • Self explanatory
  • Quickly explain the engagement lifecycle
  • This is the big idea, every marketing strategy has on and this is the one for armadadigital.
  • Defined.
  • The importance of relating spheres.
  • Looking thru the different lenses we are able to comprise and define the Viewerscape.
  • Archetypes are driven by the psychology of consumers and is augmented with overlay data the is comprised of ethnographic and demographic datasets.
  • OJSS Wesbit Company

    1. 1. Digital Marketing StrategyOJSS Website CompanyPUNJAB-INDIAonlinejalandhar@gmail.com
    2. 2. Del.icio.us tagcloudWebsite Company OJSS InnovationWebsite Company OJSS InnovationAJAY DUTTAAJAY DUTTA
    3. 3. The Three Rules of Marketingarmadadigital1. Viral by Nature• Any tactic should be inherently viral, andhave a shelf life beyond it’s intendedrecipient.1. Visionary• Any tactic will be executed using best-in-class technology & strategic thought.1. Measurable• Every tactic will have specificmeasurable results to show success.OJSS Website Development
    4. 4. The Vision• To offer reliable, high quality, innovativesolutions and cost-effective alternative toinhouse resources for strategic and tacticalbusiness processes through developingwebsites and web solutions. Our ability todeliver quality services is our benchmarkfor measuring customer success. Ourquality work and timely services set usapart from other web site design anddevelopment companies all over the world.It also imparts a great success to ourcustomers which bring us continuoussuccess.OJSS Website Development Company-Punjab-INDIA
    5. 5. ViewerscapeOur prime objectives are satisfaction of ourclients and excellent and prompt serviceswhich is not only given in words but ourdeeds prove it. The motto of our companyis Creativity Defines Success. It enhancesour experience in all fields and sphere ofwork. We have provided services to allkinds of professional, educational,technical, and industrial organizations inthe short span since we started ourcompany. Our website and portfolio cangive you a better insight of it.OJSS Website Development
    6. 6. “I download TV shows” “Reality TV is my dirtysecret”“I relate to this brand”“I watch TV on my iPhone”“don’t sell me,engage me”“Real contentmatters”“don’t tie me to myTV”“I Tivoded it”OJSS Website Development
    7. 7. CableDVRVideoPodcastAppleTV TivoDirectDownloadMobilephonesIPTVOJSS Website Development
    8. 8. TargetAcquireOnboardServeGrowRetainCustomerEngagementCustomer LifecycleThe Viewer Engagement LifecycleOJSS Website Development
    9. 9. THE SPHERE OF INFLUENCECreating relationships with the relevant targetingOJSS Website Development
    10. 10. OJSSWe have dedicated team which provide 24/7support to our clients. We are providingexcellent services world wide. With our work,commitment and dedication we have buildsound relations with our overseas clients. If youhave a business and want to have internetpresence for your business, then you are atright place. We develop attractive website ataffordable price. Cheap web plan WebDeveloper develops smart and appealingwebsite design which attracts viewers andeffectively conveys your message so that you getresults. We focus on making website design thatis easy to navigate, and simple but attractivewithout compromising aesthetic quality.OJSS Website Development
    11. 11. Relating SpheresOJSS Website Development
    12. 12. Sphere ActivationOJSS Website DevelopmentSphere ofInfluencePR CampaignEmail TouchpointPersonalized CommunicationWebsite MessagingPersonalized PromotionBlog SeedingFacebook MessagingMyspace MessagingDemographic MarketingEthnographic MarketingPsycographic Marketing
    13. 13. Business opportunitieswith usWith our established expertise as one ofthe leading web design anddevelopment company, we implement asuccessful business solution to enhanceyour business model. Owning your ownbusiness guarantees you the freedom towork on your own terms and theopportunity to set your own goals. Weoffer many such advantages that yousimply wont find in other businessopportunities.OJSS Website Development
    14. 14. Why Choose Us• As OJSS Developer:- We specialize in creatingaffordable, professional web designs that willpromote your small business, Which is ensuredby complete a project by focusing on followingpoints .• Work with you on a website design that matchesyour business image to enhance yourcompanys visibility on the web.• Create a unique and creative website design,No templates• Ensure fast download time because visitor willnot stick around to view a website that takes toolong to load.OJSS Website Development
    15. 15. Why Choose Us• A design that is attractive and easy to navigate,simple but attractive.Easy navigation is required quality becauseuser leaves a web site and never revisit again,when they think it is difficult to find (what theyfind) required information• Strike a balance between good-quality imagesand simple design which does not look clutteredand confusing.• Check and ensure that site can be viewed inpopular web browser and monitor size.• Maximum use of css , which ensure easy futurechange in website and increase design quality
    16. 16. Archetypes• The archetype is critical since is sets thetone and manner for the brand position.OJSS Website Development
    17. 17. Archetype DeterminationOJSS Website Development
    18. 18. Order System• # India Office :• www.onlinejalandhar.comJALANDHAR,PUNJAB-144001,PUNJAB,INDIA.+91-85280-94090• Email :onlinejalandhar@gmail.comOJSS Website Development
    19. 19. Social SegmentationOJSS Website Development
    20. 20. Targeting• Targeting via a attitudinal andbehavioral dimensions will yield thebest results for increasing lift,engagement and stickiness of thewebsite.OJSS Website Development
    21. 21. Targeting Sphere ofInfluenceOJSS Website DevelopmentMultilevel ActivationNetwork ParticipationMutual ConnectionsLeverage SpheresRelationship ActivationMine SpheresInterconnecting SpheresHigh ConectivityValues Relationships Sphere ConstructionSphere ActivationSphere SeedingCasual ObserverVisitorActive MemberCommunity MemberCommunity Advocate
    22. 22. MARKETING TACTICSTactical Marketing OpportunitiesOJSS Website Development
    23. 23. OJSS Website Development
    24. 24. Design MasterOJSS Website Development
    25. 25. Social Media• The Blogosphere• Leverage Technorati to seed blogs andcreate awareness while driving traffic.• Use link exchanges with reputable trafficsources with a similar audience• Facebook• Leverage the existing Facebook communitypage to announce the Soft Launch andcontinue to drive buzz around the shows.• Build the Facebook Fan base for all shows.Confidential & Proprietary
    26. 26. Mobile• Alerts• Use SMS to keep the audience abreast ofnew episodes.• Viewing• Create mobile-compatible content to allowad hoc sharing via web-enabledsmartphonesConfidential & Proprietary
    27. 27. Offline Marketing• What are they reading?• Carefully selected advertisements placed inthe right media, such as InStyle, WWD, etc.• Highlight a specific show in a givenpublicationConfidential & Proprietary
    28. 28. OJSS CRM CUSTOMERRELATIONSHIP MARKETINGCreating value based community relationshipsOJSS Website Development
    29. 29. Email Marketing• Acquisition• OJSS existing third party opt-in lists forlaunch announcement• Retention• Continue the communications after anaudience member is registered online toannounce new episodes, shows, events, etc.Confidential & Proprietary
    30. 30. Across the Marketing ContinuumConfidential & ProprietaryPR 2.0SearchSocial MediaExperiential MarketingMobileEmail MarketingCohort MarketingSyndicationOffline AdvertisingTargetAcquireOnboardServeGrowRetain
    31. 31. OJSS Website DevelopmentTotal Marketing Budget = 100%Total Marketing Budget = 100%
    32. 32. APPENDIXFurther InformationOJSS Website Development
    33. 33. Interconnected SpheresConfidential & Proprietary
    34. 34. Relationships• Evidence-based medicine wordtree viaIBM’s ManyEyesOJSS Website Development