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Retail model by ajay & pritesh


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its a basic template for any Retail Industry to understand the business related problem and through which you will collect the qualitative & quantitative information by using Statistical Tools & Techniques to help solution or product change/ development of new product.
Indian Retail Industry has potential to grow on continuous base in future. Technology pushed marketers to established system at any small store to mega store which generate millions of customer's data on individual visit at store. so very important to understand those bulk data and how to convert those data into meaningful insight for any marketer to make profit from business.
in E commerce , Social Media has vital role for generating huge data which is challenging for marketer to extract insights and utilize in business.
The conglomerate of template make a good business model which express here for Retail Industry. It has basic three steps which covered the end to end understanding from what are the sources of Data , collection and how to do the Data Mining from those unstructured data which helps to data analysis through statistical tolls & techniques.
based on this process , we can take the business decision.

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Retail model by ajay & pritesh

  1. 1. POS/POP• Billing Data• Inventory Data• Credit Card• Loyalty Card• Feedback FormMobile• Smartphone• iPadWebApplication• Social networkingsites• On-line retailDataTouchpoints
  2. 2. WebApplicationsocialnetworkingsitesOn-lineretailFeedback in Text FormatNo of Likes & DislikesDate & Time Of PurchaseBounce Rate, Time Spend,New VisitorsProductSource of Traffic, UniqueVisitors,Total No ofVisitors, ConversationRateGeographic &Demographic Data
  3. 3. —Helps in launching of New Product—Helps to know consumer behaviour—Helps to know purchase behaviourHelps in Segmentation , Targeting and Positioning—Building the solutions in Price Optimization, DemandPlanning, Promotion planning and effectiveness monitoring—Build a Cross Channel Retail solution from Multi ChannelRetailing.