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How Ajay Beri Makes It Real

Ajay Beri works as Territory Developer for Jamba Juice. Here are some of the ways he and his team are making it real here.

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How Ajay Beri Makes It Real

  2. 2. What Is Making It Real?  At Jamba Juice where Ajay Beri is a Territory Developer, its team members aim to always make it real by blending real whole fruits and vegetables into delicious smoothies and more.  There are no artificial ingredients or preservatives on Jamba Juice’s menu, and every item is made to order.
  3. 3. Making It Real Elsewhere  Ajay Beri says that you can make it real in other parts of your life as well.  For example, Ajay Beri makes it real with his fitness. He does not take shortcuts and the benefits have paid off. He runs marathons to fundraise for causes he believes in.
  4. 4. Where Can You Make It Real in Your Life  Making it real can start right now by choosing what you eat, what you do on a day-to-day basic, and how you treat others.  The eating part is easy. Jamba Juice was founded to help people get more nutritious meals and feel energized all day. Choose foods that are real, like fruits and vegetable, instead of the processed junk.
  5. 5. Making It Real Every Day  Make it real by being genuine with yourself and those around. Making it real is part of a well-blended lifestyle that can help you live a happy, productive life.  Ajay Beri wants you to consider what makes you happy and feeling your best. When you can create a substantial list, attempt to blend more of those things in your life.