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A presentation first given to Pira (Print Industry Research Association) in Geneva and then to Clays, the UK's largest printer of trade books.

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  • Blackberry tablet just launching – analysts expect 40-50 million tablets to ship next year
  • In the UK on some frontlist 1 in 8 books are ebooks, mainly Kindle. In the US for every 100 hardbacks sold on amazon 143 kindle editions are sold
  • Ebook sales up 73% at Waterstones says the CEO; 10.3 million americans will own ereaders by the end of this year; market of 100 million ebooks sales
  • Storm over Wylie rights one example; enhanced ebooks another difficult area; the agency model
  • Presentation to Clays printers

    1. 1. Are ebooks the future? And what about the present? Clays 08.11.2010
    2. 2. WELL....FIRST, THE PAST
    3. 3. • Ebooks have been around since the late nineties – first time round they failed • In 2007 things started picking up again • Publishers began assembling their digital teams, it no longer seemed mad that someone might buy an ebook • We started to think of digital publishing as something beyond just books
    4. 4. Jeff Gomez (ironically) published this book. Made the case that the market had finally changed. This was it.
    5. 5. A small company called Sony decided to launch an e-ink device and ebook store in the US, supplied exclusively through Borders….
    6. 6. The Web 2.0 boom was in full flow Investment piled in ($455.5 million into web 2.0 start ups in Q1-3 2006 alone) and the poster boys- Youtube, Facebook, Flickr etc, went from success to success Suddenly the web was the future. Again.
    7. 7. But not that much really changed. Until....
    8. 8. 2010 (the year of the ebook)
    9. 9. What’s happened? This:
    10. 10. And this...
    11. 11. And this...
    12. 12. Not to mention these:
    14. 14. • The main format is the .epub, an open standard that is formed from XML • Mobipocket (.prc) is another main standard – Amazon converts files • Books are also apps for mobile platforms (usually Apple, but Android is also making waves) • Or even other formats (CDs, games, PDFs, websites etc)
    15. 15. What does that mean for publishers? And printers?
    16. 16. Content is changing • The model of DVDs is coming in to play- many publishers looking at adding value • Bundling and chunking mean that text will not be tied to the length and format of a book • Multimedia elements will start to come into play • There will be new interactions between print and digital- like O’Reilly
    17. 17. Producers are changing • Opens up new long tail, crowd sourced and networked opportunities for content creation • Publishers have to redefine their intermediary role • Retailer consolidation with the big players on one side • Grass roots distribution on the other
    18. 18. Marketing is changing • From broadcast to conversation • Viral possibilities opens up a new frontier • Social media tools are free • But are “owned” by their users • Allows consumers to kick back as well as appreciate
    19. 19. Readers are changing • Want frictionless delivery • Do not like industry measures like DRM software • Are increasingly expecting things for free • Are talking to each other online • Expect digital to be cheap and easy
    20. 20. New challenges: copyright, pricing and retailer lock in.
    21. 21. The good news: Books are going nowhere fast.
    22. 22. We still need the old supply chain.
    23. 23. Copyright darwin2009 This
    24. 24. Not this
    25. 25. But with some of these on the way...
    26. 26. WHAT CAN BE DONE?
    27. 27. 1. Think like a publisher. Many of them are panicking. How can you help?
    28. 28. 2. Ebooks create a market for new kinds of print product. What will they be?
    29. 29. 3. Digital has a supply chain, and it’s just as difficult as the physical one. Where can you fit in?
    30. 30. This is how the world looks now
    31. 31. Michael Bhaskar Digital Publishing Manager Profile Books / Serpent’s Tail twitter: @ajaxlogos