Website Marketing Strategies - Reciprocal Links


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Website Marketing Strategies - Reciprocal Links

  1. 1. Website Marketing Strategies - Reciprocal Links
  2. 2. Although its very old, another good website marketing strategy is building reciprocal links for your site. Lets saythat youve managed to build a site where you have greatcontent, great tools or both. All you need now is people to find out about it.
  3. 3. Increasing your link popularity with reciprocal links willhelp your site to go up in the search engines. Although this kind of links are not so powerful anymore they can stillgive you some results. Besides the search engine rankings you will also receive direct traffic from the site you are linked with.
  4. 4. The link exchange process is not a hard one but it has its secrets and tricks. There are many factors and things toavoid that have to be taken in consideration. You have to know how to convince a webmaster to trade links with you, what sites to avoid and what sites to link with.
  5. 5. The first thing that you need to know is what is areciprocal link. A reciprocal link is some kind of agreement between two webmasters. Both of them place on their site a link that points to the other ones website. This is some kind of win-win situation because both websites benefit form this linking, receiving direct traffic and increasing link popularity.
  6. 6. This website marketing strategy also involves a little trust. You can make links exchange with many sites but youdont have the time to frequently monitor them. So youlljust have to trust that the other webmaster will keep your link on his site. This situation could become really frustrating when you see that you still keep a link for a website but youre not receiving one back.
  7. 7. Dont think about this website marketing strategy as aquick scheme to get tons of traffic. I can ensure you that isnot like that. There are many sites that have thousands ofbanners on them, but only half of them really work. Try to link your site with related and confident websites. Thisway you will also avoid linking to any bad neighborhoods.
  8. 8. In conclusion, even if the reciprocal links are an old website marketing strategy comparing to the new and powerful one way links they still can bring you someresults. Just try to make your links exchanges as safe as possible.
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