Ted Husted Presentation Testing The Testers Ae2009


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Ted Husted Presentation Testing The Testers Ae2009

  1. 1. Testing the Testers YUI Test versus QUnit Wednesday, September 16, 2009 - 2:35-3:35p
  2. 2. Testing the Testers: YUI Test versus QUnit Yahoo UI (YUI) Library known for quality code. YUI Test framework JQuery known for concise, quality code. QUnit testrunner. Ready to test your own YUI Unit or QUnit?
  3. 3. Testing the Testers: YUI Test versus QUnit How to create unit tests for YUI Test and QUnit When to use YUI Test or QUnit How to integrate unit testing into your Javascript development cycle.
  4. 4. QUnit Testrunner for the jQuery project. Add functional/regression testing to plugins. Efficient JQuery-like design paradigm.
  5. 5. QUnit - Key Features Top-Level QUnit Project since May 2008 No stable release Online download from Subversion UI Focus Plugin Testing Regression Testing Light-weight testrunner Key Contributor - Jorn Zaefferer
  6. 6. http://docs.jquery.com/Qunit
  7. 7. http://dev.jquery. com/browser
  8. 8. QUnit - Strengths and Weaknesses Strengths Weaknesses Bundled with JQuery Proprietary syntax Used by JQuery Lacks server support Concise API Not well known Browser friendly Sole contributor
  9. 9. QUnit - Bottom Line Use when coding JQuery plugins and other applications Good for UI tests Essential for regression testing Works well with test-driven development For true acceptance tests, add Selenium to the mix
  10. 10. QUnit - Resources Getting Started with JQuery QUnit http://www.lostechies.com/blogs/chad_myers/archive/2008/08/28/getting-started-with-jquery-qunit-for-client-side- javascript-testing/printerfriendly.aspx Unit Testing Javascript using JQuery QUnit http://highoncoding.com/Articles/570_Unit_Testing_JavaScript_Using_JQuery_QUnit.aspx Running JQuery QUnit under Continuous Integration http://www.lostechies.com/blogs/joshuaflanagan/archive/2008/09/18/running-jquery-qunit-tests-under-continuous- integration.aspx?CommentPosted=true#commentmessage Testing ASP.NET MVC QUnit http://www.bradygaster.com/post/Testing-ASPNET-MVC-with-QUnit-Part-1.aspx Some Qunit Tips http://hammett.castleproject.org/?p=300http://hammett.castleproject.org/?p=300 Functional Testing Javascript with QUnit http://www.eviltester.com/index.php/2008/06/17/functional-testing-javascript-with-qunit-initial-steps/http://www. eviltester.com/index.php/2008/06/17/functional-testing-javascript-with-qunit-initial-steps/
  11. 11. YUI Test Testing framework for browser-based solutions. Add unit testing to JavaScript solutions. Derives characteristics from nUnit and jUnit.
  12. 12. YUI Test - Key Features Create test cases through simple syntax. Failure detection for methods that throw errors. Group related cases using test suites. Asynchronous tests for testing events and Ajax communication. Cross-browser DOM Event simulation.
  13. 13. YUI Test - Key Features Support for “A-Grade” Browsers Release 2.5.2 (2008 May) Since July 2007 (YUI 2.3.0) License – BSD ~16 Team Members Yahoo! employees and contributors Maintained by Nicholas C. Zakas http://www.nczonline.net/
  14. 14. YUI Test - Strengths and Weaknesses Strengths Weaknesses Bundled with YUI Library Bundled with YUI Library Large, well-funded team Lacks server support Regular releases Community is stagnant Well Documented Growth is stagnant 3rd party IDE support
  15. 15. YUI Test - Bottom Line Good for simple event/form tests Needs better automation tools For true acceptance tests, add Selenium to the mix Use when coding JavaScript or Ajax applications (and Test- Driven Development)
  16. 16. YUI Test - Resources Writing Effective JavaScript Unit Tests with YUI Test Nicholas D. Zakas (2009 January) http://yuiblog.com/blog/2009/01/05/effective-tests/ Test Driven Development with YUI Test Nicholas D. Zakas (2008 September) http://ajaxexperience.techtarget.com/assets/documents/Nicholas_Zakas_Test_Driven_Development.pdf (presentation) Writing Your First YUI Application Eric Miraglia (2008 May) http://www.insideria.com/2008/05/writing-your-first-yui-applica.html
  17. 17. Open QA Selenium Selenium is a suite of tools Selenium IDE records and runs tests Selenium Remote Control runs across multiple platforms Selenium Grid runs across multiple machines http://selenium.openqa.org/documentation/
  18. 18. f: cd "F:optselenium-remote-control-1.0-beta-2selenium-server-1.0- beta-2" java -jar selenium-server.jar
  19. 19. Please complete an evaluation.
  20. 20. Questions?