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Ted Husted Api Doc Smackdown Ae2009

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Ted Husted Api Doc Smackdown Ae2009

  1. 1. API Doc Smackdown YUI Doc versus JS Doc Toolkit Monday, September 14, 2009 - 4:30-5:30p
  2. 2. API Doc Smackdown The Yahoo UI (YUI) Library is well known for its excellent documentation. One of its secrets is YUI Doc, a Python application used at build time to generate API documentation for JavaScript code. But is YUI Doc really better than JS Doc Toolkit? -- an elder application, written in JavaScript, that also generates API documentation. When should you choose one over the other? Which is the better choice for your project? In this session you will learn: * How API generators work, and how documentation helps; * When to use YUI Doc and when to use JS Doc Toolkit; * More about alternatives to comment-based documentation.
  3. 3. Style Guide Use <code> style for keywords and name Use in-line links economically Omit parentheses for the general form of methods and constructors Okay to use phrases instead of complete sentences, in the interests of brevity. Use 3rd person (descriptive) not 2nd person (prescriptive) Method descriptions begin with a verb phrase. Class/interface/field descriptions can omit the subject and simply state the object. Use "this" instead of "the" when referring to an object created from the current class. Use "this" instead of "the" when referring to an object created from the current class. Avoid Latin.
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