Brian Le Roux Presentation Introducing Phone Gap


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Brian Le Roux Presentation Introducing Phone Gap

  1. 1. Introducing PhoneGap Native Mobile Web Apps
  2. 2. Mobile app dev is hard.
  3. 3. Device Platform Fragmentation Platform Language Notes Apple iPhone Objective C Requires an Apple machine. Left arm. RIM Blackberry OS Java Requires a Windows based machine. WTF. Google Android Java (Dalvik VM) Runs mostly anywhere. Windows Mobile .NET or unmanaged C++ Requires a Windows based machine. Nokia Symbian C++, Java, Python, Flash, Runs mostly anywhere. WRT Palm WebOS HTML, CSS and JavaScript Runs mostly anywhere.
  4. 4. App Distribution Fragmentation Apple App Store Android Market Blackberry App World Nokia Ovi Store GetJar Palm App Catalog Samsung App Store LG Application Store Mobango Sony Ericsson PlayNow Windows Marketplace Vodafone App Store Java App Store Verizon VCast
  5. 5. Dev and distribution nightmare.
  6. 6. This is why the internet works. cross platform open standards open source
  7. 7. Cross Platform iPhone Android Blackberry Windows Mobile Nokia * Palm * * releasing this fall
  8. 8. HTML5 sorta
  9. 9. Webkit APIs SQLite Cache Manifest CSS Transitions / Transforms / Animations Custom fonts
  10. 10. PhoneGap API Geolocation Accelerometer Media playback Camera Device info Contacts Online/Offline SMS / Telephone Magnetometer
  11. 11. Future APIs File IO WebSocket SQLite Wrapper
  12. 12. Free: as in freedom. MIT Licensed
  13. 13. PhoneGap Philosophy The purpose is to cease to exist. Make the web a first class dev tool. Be open, transparent and free. Adhere to standards when possible.
  14. 14. Problems with the PhoneGap project documentation app store FUD no fucking tests many webkit variants perceived competition tooling is not consolidated source is a bit of a gong show no standard technique for extending the project
  15. 15.
  16. 16. App Store Rejections? Rename your project.
  17. 17. No fucking tests?!
  18. 18. mobile-spec
  19. 19. The many flavors of Webkit iPhone OS 3.0 Webkit 528.16 Build iPhone OS 2.2 Webkit 525.20 Build iPhone OS 2.02 Webkit 525.20 Build iPhone OS 1.5 Webkit 419.3 Build Android 1.5 Webkit Nov 2008 Fork Android 1.1 Webkit Rev r30692 Android 1.0 Webkit PalmPre OS Webkit Nokia S60 Webkit Fork Nokia WRT Webkit Fork
  20. 20. Not to mention what isn't Webkit Blackberry Windows Mobile . . . . . . . ...yet.
  21. 21. The web still rocks. (even if the browsers do not)
  22. 22. Other options? Option Supported Platforms Language License BigFive iPhone HTML, CSS and JS GPL2 LiquidGear iPhone HTML, CSS and JS* MIT Corona iPhone Lua Proprietary Appcelerator iPhone HTML, CSS and JS* Apache / Proprietary Android Rhodes iPhone HTML, CSS and JS. GPL3 Symbian Ruby for native code. Android Accessed client/server BlackBerry style. Windows Mobile NimbleKit iPhone HTML, CSS and JS* Proprietary * Renders native controls via JavaScript.
  23. 23. Wash, Rinse, Repeat...FAIL 1. First, install all these: iPhone SDK Android SDK Blackberry SDK Windows Mobile SDK Nokia WRT SDK 2. Download the PhoneGap source. 3. Map to each SDK. 4. Copy your app into each. 5. Build for each. 6. Fix a bug. 7. GOTO 3. Automation FAIL.
  24. 24. phonegap-dev sudo gem install phonegap
  25. 25. is demo time nao
  26. 26. Extending PhoneGap Plugins
  27. 27. Sauce needs some clean up.
  28. 28. The Future
  29. 29. More devices.
  30. 30. OMTP BONDI Spec.
  31. 31. W3C Device API Group
  32. 32. Now... go write some apps!* Brian LeRoux * After beers. Ideally at least 12 hours after beers.