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  1. 1. Color Me Rad
  2. 2. • An untimed 5krun/walk• Participants startwearing all white• By the end of therace, participantsare covered incolor• An experience ofa lifetime
  3. 3. Statistics
  4. 4. • Over 105 races in theUS and Canada• 14 races sold out• Each race averages6,500 participants• portion of proceedsdonated to a localcharity• Only one year old andhas exponentialgrowth
  5. 5. The Fit
  6. 6. • The race consist of65-70% females• not all participantsare the “typical”runner• Color Me Radencourages allpeople toparticipate andhave FUN!• Color Me Radincreasesconfidence andself-esteem
  7. 7. Color Me Rad Presented ByDove
  8. 8. •Dove Samples:•Leave In Conditioner: toprotect hair from changingcolor•Deodorant: to keeprunners fresh all dayPre RaceDuring RacePost Race•Go Fresh with Dove:•Dove Face Wipes: To wipeoff excess paint during therace•Dove After Party:•Dove Showers-to freshenup post race•Dove Changing Stations-to change out of coloredclothing•Dove Samples- to ensureparticipants leave fresh,happy, and confident
  9. 9. Benefits
  10. 10. • The Dove logo will belocated On alladvertisements includingbut not limited too:– Color Me Rad website– Event tents– social media outlets– registration forms– Start/finish line– the race boundaries– Go fresh with Dovetents– Dove Showers– Dove changingstations– Check to charity– Photo booth
  11. 11. The Dove logo will be proudlydisplayed on the event tents locatedthroughout the race.
  12. 12. Showers will be located at theend of the race allowingparticipants to leave freshwith DovePart of the Dove’s sponsorship activation effortswill include a plethora of Dove changing stationsthroughout the race grounds.
  13. 13. As a presenting sponsor, Dove’s name will be synonymouswith the donation to our chosen charity.Participants will takepictures in front of theDove photo booth.
  14. 14. Can We Count on You?For only $250,000, Dove would have a new event tohelp increase self-esteem while marketing their brand.