RGVN Assam 2011


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RGVN Assam 2011

  1. 1. Promotion of SRI Supported by SDTT (Sir Dorabji Tata Trust,Mumbai) Project area: Assam(8 districts)Project period : April,2010 to March,2011 Fund allocation: Rs. 38.58 lakh RGVN’s partner NGOs : 8 nos
  2. 2. Objective of the project The intention of the project was to render technical support and demonstration to the small and marginal farmers about SRI and thereby to attain the sustainable livelihood.The main objective of the project was To increase the food grain production of the state, Adoption of SRI by at least 8000 farmers in 8 districts of Assam, Demonstrative effect to other farmers of the locality, Influence state agricultural policy for promoting the extension of the SRI technique, Attract probable stakeholders for promotion of SRI,
  3. 3. TARGET FOR THE FY 2010-11 District to be covered - 8 No. of Farmers - 8000 Area coverage - 10000 Bighas or 3311 Acres
  4. 4. STRATEGY ADOPTED Selected one partner NGO in each district Selected two master trainers in each district Organize TOT for master trainers Selection of farmers with the help of master trainers and NGO partners Training and capacity building of farmers Targeted at least 1500 farmers in each district Collaborated with line department through district level SRI meet
  5. 5. Paddy seasons in AssamIn Assam farmers cultivate -Kharif paddy -June/July to Dec/JanuarySummer Paddy I & II– Nov/Dec to April/May
  6. 6. Season- wise target and Achieved (2010-11)Season Target Achieved No. of land No. of land farmers coverage farmers coverage (Acres) (Acres)Kharif 2000 700 2070 766PaddySummer 6000 2611 - -Paddy I & II
  7. 7. Yield in Kharif Paddy(2010-11)Variety Fertilizer Previous SRI yieldused Used Traditional in qtls yield per Bigha in qtlsLocal/ Organic & 5.70 10.17HYV/Hybri inorganicd
  8. 8. Collaborations Satisfactory collaborations from Agriculture department, KVK etc. NABARD initiative to promote SRI in seven districts of Assam Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd, Meghalaya come forward for SRI promotion
  9. 9. Fund support apart from SDTTNABARD RO : Rs.17.12 lakh each forGuwahati three districts for the FY 2010-13POWER GRID: Committed 5.69 lakh forCorporation of one district in FY 2010-11India Ltd.
  10. 10. OBSERVATIONS Farmers pre-conceived mindset hinders the progress Dependency habit of farmers towards government programmes Farmers preference to traditional system Hardly follow up of 6 principles of SRI
  11. 11. OBSERVATIONS cont… Inadequate irrigation system Unable to access credit by small and marginal farmers Overdependence of farmers on informal credit mechanism Intend to cultivate through Hybrid variety of paddy with excessive inorganic fertilizer use Not matching of extension mechanism to tentative target and fund flow
  12. 12. Future Course of ActionYear Districts Tar Get coverage No. of Area in Farmers Acres2011-12 10
  13. 13. Programme findingsThe key findings of the projects are as follows – SRI could be a right option for the farmers to increase theirproduction in food grain. Methods of irrigation are to be improved. There is plenty of waterin Assam but management of the available water resource is to bedone properly specially in Sali crop. SRI is better in Boro and early Ahu provided by irrigationfacilities, because though we have sufficient rain water we cannotmanage it when and where needed in Sali season. Farmers need some sort of support in terms of bio fertilizer, biopesticides & their appliances etc.
  14. 14. Photographs
  15. 15. Informal awareness meeting
  16. 16. District level meet atChhaygaon,Assam
  17. 17. Seedling raising on GI sheet
  18. 18. Seedling raising on bamboo mate
  19. 19. Seedbed carrying by push cart
  20. 20. Seedling raising on banana leaf
  21. 21. Seedling raising on bamboo sieve
  22. 22. Seedling raising on beetle nut leaf
  23. 23. Watering nursery bed
  24. 24. Seed raising on wooden frame
  25. 25. Simple weeder modified by farmers
  26. 26. Raised seed bed preparation
  27. 27. Marking by locally made marker
  28. 28. Single seedling transplanting
  29. 29. First weeding in the SRI field
  30. 30. Locally made weeder by farmer
  31. 31. Farmers weeding by walkingin the field
  32. 32. Locally made weeder by farmer
  33. 33. Summer Paddy (2010-11)
  34. 34. Summer paddy 2010-11
  35. 35. Field monitoring
  36. 36. SRI field
  37. 37. Counting the no. of tillers
  38. 38. Kharif Paddy SRI at DarrangDistrict of Assam
  39. 39. Biological control of SRI field
  40. 40. Thank you..