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Cor blue print_ppt

  1. 1. COR Young Adult Ministry Blueprint for Growth Developed for: COR Young Adult Ministry 46 Maxwell Irvine, CA 92618 November 2010
  2. 2. The objective of this document is to outline a strategy plan that will act as a first draft “blueprint” for growth, for COR AME Young Adults Ministry (YAM). The primary objectives are self sufficiency and ministry expansion within the community. Executive Summary
  3. 3. 1. Organizational Development o Improved Structure (Personnel) o Systems o Procedures 1. Strategy Development o Leverage Enthusiasm of Leaders o Modernize o Expand Demographics 1. Revenue Development o Set Goals o Track and Report Priorities
  4. 4. Define Roles: • Identify Current Roles (from the bottom up) • Develop Organizational Chart • Write Job Descriptions Per Role • Begin with Pastors Job Description Note: The overall goal for Organizational Development should be to leverage existing human capital and “free-up” the pastors of the ministry to focus on building the brand of the Church in the community. 1. Delegation 2. Leverage Organizational Development
  5. 5. Improve Systems: • Communications • Reporting • Information Management • Website & Social Networks Organizational Development
  6. 6. Organizational Development Develop Procedures: • Document procedures of YAM (i.e. Services, Events, etc.) o Use Wiki to provide leaders ability to document and access procedures. • Begin with essential ministries, and work outward.
  7. 7. Advisory Board Unofficial advisors to YAM leaders, with the responsibility of: • Listening • Provide Expertise in Core Disciplines: o Management o Accounting & Finance o Marketing • Assist In Management (where needed)
  8. 8. Advisory Board
  9. 9. Strategy Development • Pull Vs. Push • Focus on our 80/20 • Brand Development • 21st Century Evangelism • Ministries • Events • Revenue Development
  10. 10. Strategy Development Pull Vs. Push: "And Jesus said to them, ‘Follow me, and I will make you become fishers of men.’" - Mark 1:17 • Develop a strong brand • Become the center of influence in the community • Become a source of value to the community
  11. 11. Strategy Development Focus on our 80/20: "80 percent of your results come from 20 percent of your efforts." Pareto Principle • Identify our 80/20 pathways • Reverse engineer the process • Reproduce and direct greater resources to those pathways.
  12. 12. Strategy Development Brand Development: • Greatest opportunity to increase follower-ship • Identify our Existing Brand o African-American Church, College Church, etc? • Where is the Greatest Opportunity for Growth? • What Advantages do we have to pursue those opportunities? • Branding Ideas... o Expand to Young Professionals (18-40) o Diversify
  13. 13. Strategy Development Brand Development (Cont.) : • Focus on Serving New Needs of Community o Social Interaction o Career Development o Emotional Development o Relationships o Health & Wellness • Improve Image Quality o Website o Fliers o Photos, Logos, etc.
  14. 14. Strategy Development 21st Century Evangelism: • Online: o Develop Online & Social Media Ministry Team  Recommendation: Camy McGrath o Website - WordPress Open-Source CMS  Themes  Blogging, Social Network Integration  Cheap o Publishing  Blogs, Articles, eBooks  Video Sermons  Podcasts - Interviews
  15. 15. Strategy Development Website: Themes: • Use WordPress Theme: • template/full_screen_preview/120416 • • •
  16. 16. Strategy Development 21st Century Evangelism (Cont.) : • Online: o Social Media  Unified Facebook  Use FB & Meetup for event management  Use Social Network Aggregator such as to automate process o Email & RSS  Automate system for content delivery to congregation and followers.  Content, Content, Content!
  17. 17. Strategy Development Community Outreach: • Pastors (Go Out) to Guest Speak • Networking - Identify opportunities to connect the church with other influential groups in the community. • Community Service - Gives us an opportunity show the wonders of Christ through directly serving those the community • Street Teams - Goes out to public events and passively hands out fliers for event. (Becoming a less effective way of promotion, but still an option)
  18. 18. Strategy Development Ministries: "And he called the twelve together and gave them power and authority over all demons and to cure diseases, and he sent them out to proclaim the kingdom of God and to heal." - Luke 9:1-2 • Focus Ministries on "Curing & Healing" • Identify Essential Ministries - "Stay Closest to the Money" • Appoint Leaders "Ministry Coordinators" o Leader Submits Ministry Plan • Approved Ministries are added to Official List • Share Best Practices among ministries
  19. 19. Strategy Development Events: • Focus - Evangelism. Make all events free! • Appoint - Events Coordinator • Create procedure for event planning • Increase Musical Events • Workshops focused on specific topics, e.g.: Personal, Professionals, Emotional, Financial, Career Development. • Promote events online using & Facebook Events. • Smaller Ministry Meetups - Monthly small group events focused on: o Activities such as: fitness, surfing, bowling, hiking, yoga, dancing, Happy-Holy Hours (at local bars and restaurants) Great for Young Professionals. Each event can sponsor a word by the pastor. • Invite Free Guest Speakers
  20. 20. Strategy Development Revenue Development: • Identify the 80/20 of current revenues • Designated Giving • Financial Counseling • Reoccurring Electronic Tithes (Exception: College students would b exempt from using a Credit Card, to avoid incurring debt). Allow these givers to still fill out a form, so they can have the good feeling of giving while in service. • Testimonies of Giving • Monthly Public Reporting