Alfabeto Semplicita 10 2Activity 3.Italy.


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Alfabeto Semplicita 10 2Activity 3.Italy.

  1. 1. Classi terze Linguistico ALPHABET OF SIMPLICITY A. If people were more ALTRUISTIC, life would be better. B. Interior BEAUTY does not need any make up / B be yourself. C. Take CONTROL of your future / Cycle or walk to work. D. Your life is a lasting DAYDREAM. Don’t waste it. / Defy consumerism. E. Respect the ENVIRONMENT as you respect yourself.
  2. 2. F. You are FREE to choose between simplicity and consumerism, but…think of the consequences! G. GALA evenings are not the priority of my life. H. Love what you are more than what you HAVE. I. Nothing is IMPOSSIBLE: if you want to change your future you still have time.
  3. 3. J. JUNIOR, senior, black, white…they are simply people. K. KNOCKING consumerism means creating a better lifestyle. L. LIVE simply, LAUGH often, LOVE with all your heart! M. You don’t need MONEY to be happy! N. NEEDS should not go against the environment
  4. 4. O. This world is the only ONE we have P. POLLUTION is killing our PLANET: let’s stop it! Q. The QUALITY of life will be better if people waste less R. When life gives you a thousand REASONS to cry, show that you have a thousand and one REASONS to smile / Recycle as much as possible. S. SHOWING off doesn’t make you happy, it isolates you T. TRUTH is not in words, but in actions! U. How many USELESS things do you buy everyday?
  5. 5. V. Give VALUE to simple things W. Yes, WE can! A culture is only as healthy as its woods X. XMAS does not mean “presents”, it means “love” Y. YOUNG PEOPLE hold the future of the planet in their hands Z. Let’s work with ZEAL to make everyday life simpler.
  6. 6. ACROSTIC I T A L I A Invent truly alternative lifestyles in action I T A L Y Imagine Tomorrow And Leave Yesterday Is This Amazing Land for You? Improving The Air Loving Yourself
  7. 7. Invitation to all lazy youths Innovative talented alternative loyal young Innovative tasty authentic light yummy ( Italy is famous for its food) Improve Territory And Lead Youth Italy Tastes Always Like Youth