Interoperabilty And Conformance Testing


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Deployment stages
Interoperabilty And Conformance Testing
Plugtests Set up
Test scenario

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Interoperabilty And Conformance Testing

  2. 2. Shivkumar KalyanaramanRensselaer Polytechnic Institute 2  Introduction  Deployment stages  Interoperabilty And Conformance Testing  Plugtests Set up  Test scenario  Closing thoughts Overview
  3. 3. Shivkumar KalyanaramanRensselaer Polytechnic Institute 3 Plug fest The idea of group tests, or more formally known as a Plug fest, is one of several venues used by numerous technology consortiums. The venue is a means for providing vendors the opportunity to address potential ambiguities and to improve the testing scenarios and capabilities in a technology standard.
  4. 4. 4© 2008 Cisco Systems, Inc. All rights reserved. Cisco Public 081010_Cisco_Connected_Life.ppt MIMO vs. (Beam forming + MIMO) Larger Screen due to higher data rates Greater coverag e perimete r Less MIMO-B beam overlap = less noise, more de-correlation, higher data rate Stronger green halo reflecting stronger signal even behind buildings Closer data packets indicating higher order modulation= higher data rates MIMO-only Beamforming + MIMO
  5. 5. High data rates
  6. 6. Wimax Testing scenario Satellite Receiver WiMAX Device Spectrum Analyser Receive Satellite Antenna Base Station Video Monitor Base Antenna height >100' Down angle 10 degrees HPBW Horz 60 degrees HPBW Vert 10 degrees 17 dBi Gain Max EIRP 38dBm X-distance Subscriber Station Subscriber Antenna height >10' HPBW Horz 18 degrees HPBW Vert 18 degrees 18 dBi Gain Y-distance Test Horn
  7. 7. Plug fest Overview > Plug fest is sponsored by WiMAX Forum to facilitate and accelerate industry-wide IOT • Includes chipset, infrastructure/BTS and device suppliers > Nortel participated in the Wave 2 Plugfest events • France May ’07 and Taipei Oct ’07 > Both events have been extremely successful for Nortel • Proof point of Nortel’s focus to deliver MIMO and Wave 2 compliancy • MIMO A & B IOT completed with wide range of devices and chip-sets • Other key features: SISO, Hand-off, 5MHz and 10MHz Channel, Authentication, Encryption and Network Entry • IOT achieved with Tier 1 suppliers of devices and chipsets • Recognized as preferred BTS supplier by major chip-set and device suppliers in WiMAX industry Nortel delivered leadership in IOT through the WiMAX Forum Plug fest
  8. 8. PlugtestsTM events look like this:
  10. 10. Plugtests Set up? > Participants – Implémentations – standards or spécifications – and Experts > Test case and Test bed ? > Scheduling – Test Plan > Rules of engagements
  11. 11. NOMENCLATURE ETSI European Telecommunications Standards Institute ISDN integrated services digital network GSM Global System for Mobile Communications (cellular phone technology) UMTS Universal Mobile Telecommunications System DECT Digital European Cordless Telecommunication system TETRA TErrestrial TRunked RAdio SAT COM Satellite Communications DVB Digital Video Broadcasting NGN Next Generation Networks VoIP Voice Over IP (Internet Protocols) BRAN Broadband Radio Access Networks Powerline, PLC Powerline Communications : The transmission of information using the existing power IP Cablecom : Internet Protocol Cable Communications SDO Standards Development Organizations OSA Open Service Architecture,Open Service Access SIPIT SIP Interoperability tests SIP Session Initiation Protocol ENUM E.164 Number Mapping SQTE Speech Quality Test Event PKI Public Key Infrastructure XAdES XML Advanced Electronic Signatures ebXML Electronic Business XML (eXtensible Markup UWB Ultra-Wide Band SIGTRAN Signaling Transport DSL Digital Subscriber Line IPv6 Internet Protocol version 6 (current version is version 4) MIP6 Mobile IPv6 GRID Computer Grid (like power grid) SMS Short Message Service MMS Multimedia Message Service J2ME Java 2 Micro Edition IETF The Internet Engineering Task Force TTCN The Testing and Test Control Notation (Tree and Tabular Combined Notation) W3C World Wide Web Consortium TC ESI Technical Committee Electronic Signatures and Infrastructures OASIS Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards CEN/ISSS Information Society Standardization System (European Committee for Standardisation) WLAN Wireless LAN WIMAX Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access HF Human Factors
  12. 12. October Plug fest Summary > Nortel is recognized by device and chipset suppliers as the High Priority to complete IOT: • MIMO A & B IOT with 14 WiMAX device and chipset vendors • Achieved IOT with device vendors that support in-house chipsets > Nortel delivered Complete MIMO, HO, encryption, Authorization and Flexible Channel Bandwidth interoperability tests successfully: • MIMO A&B, 5 & 10 MHz Channel, Simple HO and mobile Authentication/Network Entry Open Design and Experience in Multi-vendor IOT WiMAX Peers Prefer Nortel’s BTS for IOT
  13. 13. Two WiMAX flavours Fixed WiMAX Nomadic Fixed ”Wireless ADSL” Mobile WiMAX Portable Mobile
  14. 14. Adoption of Broadband Wireless at Ahmedabad Rural District, INDIA Multistoried Bldg. Civil Hospital District Inds. Center Superintendent Of Police Office High Court Ahd.Diet Dist. Court Krushi Bhavan Jal Bhavan Sales Tax Karai Blk.12 Circuit House CP Office Collector RTO Jail GMDC
  16. 16. 081010_Cisco_Connected_Life.ppt Summary
  17. 17. Shivkumar KalyanaramanRensselaer Polytechnic Institute 24 Summary  Deployment stages (plan & outcomes)  Real Time Operations  Interoperabilty And Conformance Testing  Plugtests Set up  Test scenario
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