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Pollution Prevention

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  • The GE Monogram as we call it has become familiar to generations over the years, and it has become a symbol of innovation…
  • Much like the evolution of GE’s taglines (11 over the past 92 years),
    the GE monogram has evolved since its origin in the 1890s.
    Today’s monogram continues the tradition of being contemporary.
    It proudly represents the foundational attributes of our brand – trusted, leader, dependable, contemporary – while looking to today’s aspirations – global, innovative, dynamic, approachable.
    The introduction of colour in 2004 reflects results from market research, judged as more contemporary and approachable than the black/white versions.
  • GE är det enda bolaget listat i det ursprungliga Dow Jones indexet från 1896 som fortfarande finns kvar idag.
    En GE aktie som hade köpts 1892 för $100 skulle idag vara värd över 5 miljoner dollar.
  • To bring these big ideas to life requires, not only a strong culture, but also a clear strategy.
    Our strategy has 4 points:
    We need to “Be Global”, maintaining a strong local presence around the world.
    “Drive Innovation” is our focus on R&D and leadership in technology and content.
    We need to continually “Build Relationships” with customers and partners around the world (because we can’t always go it alone).
    And lastly, we need to “Leverage Strengths”, which means using everything we are—our size, expertise, financial capability, as well as our brand.
  • HC 4500 employees in Nordic Region
    Life Sciences in Uppsala, global headquarters
    Breas Medical, aquired 2008, home care ventilation and sleeping theraphy
    GE Intelligent Platforms, Sensing & Inspection, Inspection Technologies sensors for airpressure and humidity
    TIP Trailer, transportation and logistics.
  • GE Oil & Gas in Norway, around 700 employees, Center of excellence Vetco Gray, on and offshore drilling.
    GE Jenbacher i Danmark Skive – world’s largest biogas site.
    GE Energy Wind. GE Hitachi Nuclear EnergyGE Energy Optimization and Control Services GE Water & Process Technologies
  • GE Money BankCapital SolutionsReal EstateAviation Financial Services (GECAS)
  • GE LightingPower ProtectionGE Appliances
  • TV sändningar NBCU
    Belysning, ventilationssystem och energigeneratorer.
    • Luftreningssystem.
    • Transportstyrningssystem, gasturbiner, flygmotorer och lokomotiv.
    • Sjukvårdsutrustning, ultraljud och magnetkamera för läkarna på plats.
    • Metalldetektorer och röntgen för säkerhetskontroller.
    • Kylskåp, mikrovågsugnar, diskmaskiner, brödrostar, tvättmaskiner och
    torktumlare för livet i OS-byn.
    • System för vattenrening, service för vattentillgång, kokare, kyltorn
    och avloppssystem.
    Mobila byggnadsmoduler & trailers.
  • Ge ajal

    1. 1. “India is a developing country, but it is developed Country as far as its intellectual infrastructure is concerned. We get the highest intellectual capital per dollar here..” Jack Welch, Former Chairman, GE “India is a developing country, but it is developed Country as far as its intellectual infrastructure is concerned. We get the highest intellectual capital per dollar here..” Jack Welch, Former Chairman, GE Presented By AJAL.A.J
    2. 2. Evolution of the Monogram 20041942 19921986 200 3 19341930 1969195019001890s
    3. 3. GE – a global innovator since 1878 The history of GE begins in 1878 with founder Thomas Alva Edison. The first carbon filament light bulb was invented 1879. The General Electric Company was founded in 1892.
    4. 4. A Company with an Outstanding Heritage • Founded by Thomas Edison in 1878 as the Edison Electric Co. • The only company listed in the Dow Jones Industrial Index today that was also included in the original index in 1896 • 11 global businesses operating in more than 100 countries • 315,000+ employees worldwide • $134 billion in revenue in 2003 • $52.9 billion in international revenue A tradition of leadership
    5. 5. Tradition of innovation 1941 – US firstjetengine 1927 – Hom e television reception 2009 – Pocketsized ultrasound 1917-Household refrigerators 1913 - X-raytube 1905 – Electrictoaster 1879 – Carbon filam entincandescentlam p 1959 – Halogen lam p 2002 –4D im aging forultrasound 1983 – MagneticResonance Im aging System imagination at work
    6. 6. GE’s Dr. Ivan Giaever received the 1973 Nobel Prize for physics for his 1960 discovery of superconductive tunneling. GE scientist Irving Langmuir won the Nobel Prize 1932 for his pioneering research in the field of surface chemistry. Nobel Prize laureates
    7. 7. Global Research Began in Schenectady, New York in 1900 Founded with the focus to improve businesses through technology c. 1900 Today: One of the world’s most diverse industrial labs and the cornerstone of GE’s commitment to technology Niskayuna, New York Munich, Germany Bangalore, India Shanghai, China 2,800 research employees 26,000 GE technologists worldwide GE technology spend: ~$6B
    8. 8. GE Energy Most efficient, least polluting gas turbines in the world IGCC technology can significantly reduce CO emissions from coal plants₂ A leading manufacturer of renewable energy sources from around the world Investing in fuel cell technology GE Consumer & Industrial Appliances and Lighting are the US EPA Energy Star product leaders in their sectors Energy saving consulting services and products to commercial and industrial customers About Products & Services . . . GE Transportation Leader in low-noise & low-pollution engines GE Advanced Materials Lightweight & durable products for the auto industry making vehicles more efficient GE Infrastructure Working with customers to optmize wastewater treatment processes, resulting in water conservation, energy savings & reduced pollution. Helped Yunnan facility improve cooling system performance, conserving 933,000m3 of water per year with net annual savings of US$360,000.
    9. 9. Strategy Be Global Connect locally, scale globally Drive Innovation Lead with technology and content innovation Build Relationships Grow customer and partner relationships worldwide Leverage Strengths Use GE’s size, expertise, financial capability, and brand
    10. 10. Technology Infrastructure •GE Technology Infrastructure is transforming the world. In healthcare, we help our partners diagnose, treat, and monitor disease earlier than ever. In the air and on the ground, we keep the world running smoothly with imaginative solutions that improve lives. Healthcare Transportation Aviation
    11. 11. Energy Infrastructure GE Energy Infrastructure provides a broad range of solutions that power the industry worldwide. From gas and steam turbines to drilling equipment and water- processing systems—our technologies work together to improve performance and reduce costs. Energy Services Oil & Gas Power & Water
    12. 12. Finance •GE Capital offers an array of products and services that enable businesses to grow. We are a leading provider of credit services and financing options to consumers, retailers, aviation providers, and many commercial industries around the world. GE Money
    13. 13. Home & Business Solutions •GE Home & Business solutions provides a broad range of products and services throughout the world, including appliances, lighting and automation solutions. Appliances Lighting                             Intelligent Platforms
    14. 14. Olympic Games • Lighting fixtures and systems • Equipment and transportation management • Healthcare: MRI and ultrasound equipment • Security equipment and systems As a Worldwide Olympic Partner, GE is the exclusive provider of a wide range of innovative products and services that are integral to staging a successful event. • Rail transportation systems • Aircraft engines • Water treatment facilities and services • Energy generation and distribution systems
    15. 15. • What is the MRT Process? • Minimizes environmental and employee exposures from mercury wastes at Fluorescent Manufacturing Plants. • Crush and Sieve Technology separates glass, metal and phosphor powder in closed loop system (95% volume reduction) allowing glass and metal recycling. • Distiller Technology removes mercury from glass and phosphor substantially reducing volume of haz. waste. • What Are the Results? • Global implementation complete in 2004 with total capital investment of $10MM (13 sites) • $3 MM annual global cost savings • 16,000 tons less haz. waste generated globally Case Study – Pollution Prevention GE the ONLY major lighting manufacturing using Hg recycle/reduction technology for process wastes
    16. 16. 16 / GE Nordic region / August 11, 2014 GE water technologies purify enough water to satisfy the daily needs of 39 million people around the world.
    17. 17. 17 / GE Nordic region / August 11, 2014 Every 2 seconds, a GE-powered aircraft takes off.
    18. 18. 18 / GE Nordic region / August 11, 2014 Each day, GE entertains and informs more than a hundred million people.
    19. 19. 19 / GE Nordic region / August 11, 2014 GE Healthcare technology helps doctors save nearly 3,000 lives each day.
    20. 20. 20 / GE Nordic region / August 11, 2014 GE power generation equipment creates a quarter of the world’s electricity every day.
    21. 21. 21 / GE Nordic region / August 11, 2014 GE Capital provide credit to help companies grow and people reach their dreams.
    22. 22. Thank youThank you