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O Infinity é uma solução de Planejamento Econômico e Financeiro que utiliza a simulação de cenários como ferramenta para auxiliar na tomada de decisão.

Composto por vários módulos possibilita a manipulação dinâmica das regras de negócio da empresa através da parametrização dos seus diversos eventos e transações.

A redução do tempo gasto com planejamento e orçamento disponibiliza mais tempo para a condução de análises detalhadas e torna as decisões de negócios mais rápidas e inteligentes com planos dinâmicos e adaptativos: processos eficientes, colaborativos, que atualizam e comunicam continuamente os seus planos, orçamentos e revisões para toda a empresa, estabelecendo uma importante vantagem competitiva.

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Apresentação Infinity Planning - Inglês

  1. 1. Economic & Financial Planning and Business Management
  2. 2. ConceptVarious Scenarios Simulations Infinity - Other Applications - Systemic View Data Modeling Reports - Strong Points Establish Parameters
  3. 3. Infinity - ConceptThe Infinity is a solution faced to the Business PerformanceManagement that applies to three applications:1.Elaboration of the Economic and Financial Budget;2.Budget Follow Up;3.Business Simulations.
  4. 4. Concept Various Scenarios Simulations• Foreseen•• Done Optimistic Infinity• Conservative - Other• Pessimistic Applications - Systemic View Data Modeling Reports - Strong Points Establish Parameters
  5. 5. Infinity – Building Various ScenariosConsolidated Business Areas Business Segments Business Units
  6. 6. Concept Various Scenarios Simulations Infinity - Other Applications - Systemic View Data Modeling Reports - Strong Points• Revenue/Income• Expenses• Human Resources• Production Establish Parameters
  7. 7. Infinity – Data ModelingThe Revenue/Income modeling ismade through the structures of theproducts and services sales, stratifyingthe market by geographiclocation, distributors orrepresentatives, according to thecommercial operation.
  8. 8. Infinity – Data Modeling Markets Products/Services Regions, States, Distributors, Income Families, groups, lines,Representatives, Stores, etc. etc.
  9. 9. Infinity – Data ModelingThe Expenses, including the factory environment, theadministrative, commercial, fiscal and financialexpenses are modeled according to the Chart ofAccounts and the Cost Centers set by theorganization.
  10. 10. Infinity – Data Modeling Expenses Modeling Administrative Expenses Expenses with Cost Commercial commercial Centers Expensesor production support Production Expenses
  11. 11. Infinity – Data ModelingThe Production Costs modeling comprises thestructures of the direct and indirect costs,operating costs and finished goods and goods inelaboration / process costs.The expenses on Human Resources are modeledindividually or by personnel grid, forecastingsalaries, benefits and charges.
  12. 12. Infinity – Data ModelingBased on the Cenarius consolidated information itis possible to follow the profitability of theincomes, per product, line, region, etc., as well asto estimate the conditions of the company break-even point.
  13. 13. Infinity – Data ModelingAdvantages:• Flexibility to modeling the organization structure. Free / Clear structuration of the data in the tree shape;• The degree of details is determined by the user.
  14. 14. ConceptVarious Scenarios Simulations Infinity - Other Applications - Systemic View Data Modeling Reports - Strong Points • Revenue/Income and Expenses Establish • Human Resources Parameters • Production • Safety
  15. 15. Infinity - Establish ParametersThe solution is totally flexible. The user canestablish its different modules according to theorganization or the business characteristics.• Expenses• Revenue / Income• Human Resources• Production• Checking• Safety
  16. 16. Infinity - SafetyEstablishing Parameters per User or Groups of users• The access to the Infinity is set according to the user profile;• The user receive from the System Administrator the necessary permissions to access in a safe and trustable way the modules and operations according to his/hers needs;• The Infinity allows the monitoring of each access from each user.
  17. 17. ConceptVarious Scenarios Simulations Infinity - Other Applications - Systemic View Data Modeling Reports - Strong Points Elaborated by Generators • Cash flow • Balance Sheets • Income and Comprehensive Income • Indicators Establish Pre-Defined Parameters • Cubes for analysis • Comparatives of Performance
  18. 18. Infinity - Reports and ConsultationReports and Consultation Incorporated in theSolutionThe analytical tools of Infinity, based on the conceptsof multidimensional cubes allow that the informationcan be consulted in a variety of perspectives andhierarchic levels, varying the views more synthetic ormore analytical
  19. 19. Infinity - Reports and ConsultationReports and Consultation Incorporated in theSolution• The comparative analysis among the values foreseen and done presents interesting aspects such as the intuitive through colors as traffic lights;• Allows the communication through messages and e-mails.
  20. 20. Infinity - Reports GeneratorBesides the offered results automatically offeredby Infinity, you have the possibility of structureyour own consultation, reports and graphics inan intuitive and flexible way, adapting them toyour private needs.This “ad-hoc” tools offered by the software givethe freedom that the decision makers need toexonerate the IT area and to produce clear andobjective results in timely basis.
  21. 21. ConceptVarious Scenarios Simulations • Sales Amount • Sales Price Infinity • Payment Conditions • Other Simulations - Other Applications - Systemic View Data Modeling Reports - Strong Points Establish Parameters
  22. 22. Infinity - SimulationsSearch for answers:• What are our critical success points to reach our desired results?• What are our main vulnerabilities?• What is the impact in the variations over the economical indexes used to forecast future values?• How to quantify and analyze the consequences of the decisions made by the enterprise before doing them?
  23. 23. ConceptVarious Scenarios Simulations Infinity - Other Applications - Systemic View Data Modeling Reports - Strong Points Establish Parameters
  24. 24. Infinity- Other Applications• Besides its main application as a tool for the elaboration of the Budget, the Infinity is designed to consider the following needs:• Business Plan• Cash Flow Projection and Results per Business Units and Enterprises.• Calculate the Income Tax and the Social Contribution per Enterprise and distribution per Business Unit.• Relations inter-scenarios to contemplate inter- dependent operations such as the relations between Business Units and enterprises of the same Enterprise Group.
  25. 25. Infinity Production Infinity Human Resources Infinity Investments • Productive Units • Salary Grids • Investments • Structures and Components • Compensation Plans • Financing • Rate/Costs • Events • Amortizations • Production Programming • Benefits • Depreciation Category • Inventories in Process • Burden • Indexes, rates and interests • Finished Inventories/Sales Cost • OtherOperational System – Data Base SIMULATIONS Infinity Principal • Income and Comprehensive Income Plans • Cash Flow Receipt/Payment • Balance Sheets Accounting • Consults Income Rubrics • Reports Indexes Economical/Financial Expenses Methods for Distribution and Replication Business Intelligence Planning Control Monitoring Work Flow • Cubes Communications • Indicators Managerial Collateral Follow Up Alerts • Metrics DB Fiscal Security E-mails • Tendencies Finances Targets Message Fleuriet Model
  26. 26. Infinity – Operational CyclesData Input Data OutputInformation of theBusiness Units,Managers, etc..(Revenues, expenses,production, investmentand financialtransactions.)Restricts Access • reports; • graphics; • Export Data;Business Rules, Safety,General Parameters and • various Formats.RegistersTotal Access Simulations (Stored Procedures) Data Base Storage
  27. 27. Cenarius – Strong Points• Possibility of working with various scenarios, consolidating, comparing or integrating to other scenarios.• Flexible Modeling (multilevel), of all events and parameters of the business. The elaborated modeling in a tree shape allows a never-ending details.
  28. 28. Cenarius – Strong Points• Decentralized data input and controlled by a rigid safety system.• Business Simulations in Real Time.
  29. 29. Cenarius – Strong Points• Integration with The Accounting and Management Systems such as SAP, Peoplesoft, Oracle Applications, EMS Datasul, Microsiga, CM, RM and various own (private) systems;• Reports, graphics and pre-formatted consultations with a special focus for the cubes (OLAP Technology) for the expenses, receipts, commercial and production.
  30. 30. Cenarius – Strong PointsReports Generators, consultations andgraphics, giving each manager independenceto create his/hers own pieces of analysis;Accounting in Accrual basis and Cash basissimultaneously with indicators for paymentand receipt terms.
  31. 31. Some Infinity Clients
  32. 32. Contacts comercial@acies.com.br www.acies.com.brRio de Janeiro São Paulo Porto Alegre