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  1. 1. Multiple Measures of Effective Teaching It is possible to develop reliable measures that identify great teaching. Since teaching is a multi-purpose process which takes place under different classroom cultures and facilities available. On the first hand, it begins from the students’ need and quenches their thirst to learn and reflect. On the other hand, it is the cyclic way, for the teachers, to develop them professionally in realm. “Teaching is complex, and great practice takes time, passion, high quality material, and tailored feedback designed to help teacher continuously grow and improve” said Vicky Phillip, Director of Education, College Ready (USA). In accordance with this statement, critically speaking, we can find out that a well-equipped ideal classroom with high quality material may not be found everywhere in our Pakistani school systems. However, making a little more effort does not found to be too difficult to follow. For instance, we can adept ourselves with a constant practice of writing feedbacks of each session. Secondly, writing reflection consolidates improvement for the next planning too. Thirdly, Students surveys can be proved to be diagnostic toolto analyze our teaching strategies. Lastly but more importantly, is a real evidence of each session by audio-video recording.