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Australian Starlet Pop Singer Aiysha Saagar


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Aiysha Saagar the singing diva from Australia with the ability to sing in multiple languages is here. To know more about her as a person, a singer and a brand ambassador she has created ripples.

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Australian Starlet Pop Singer Aiysha Saagar

  2. 2. aiysha saagar - pics
  3. 3. ABOUT HER Has roots in Punjab & Bengal, India but has spent most of her life in Australia. Aiysha is a combination of beauty and brains. She has 3 educational degrees and is a successful Pop Star, model and actor. She has endorsed Coke, Vodafone and Johnson & Johnson and is also Australia’s Gold Coast Ambassador to India and the globe.
  4. 4. WORK PROFILE MUSIC VIDEOS & ALBUMS Breathless Kisses Mundaya de vich Daaru Indian Girl Mundaya Bheega Badan Tell me that you want me FILMS 2006 : Item song - Dubai Return 2010: Item song - Mr Fraud 2014: Lead actress in Disengaged
  5. 5. Recent Albums
  7. 7. Commercials Aiysha has done many commercials, namely : 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Vodafone Coke Johnson & Johnson Nestle Gold Coast Air Pacific Stayfree Tourism GC Designer Bikini
  8. 8. STAGE SHOWS Aiysha has performed in over 350 shows worldwide. She sings in mainly English, Hindi & Punjabi and leaves the audience mesmerised with her dynamic performance.
  9. 9. THEATRE & FILMS Aiysha has done theatre and is a trained actor. She will be acting in her first film “Disengaged” as lead actress later this year and also has a few Bollywood offers come her way.
  10. 10. Bikini & Lingerie shoot
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