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Winner sponsorship proposals


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The presentation details out dos & donts of a winner sponsorship proposals. For more information, log on to

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Winner sponsorship proposals

  1. 1. WinnerSponsorship Proposals Sponsorship Justified!
  2. 2. Agenda• Background• DOs & DON’Ts• Managing Sponsorship Proposals• Questions/Help
  3. 3. Background• Some common questions found with sponsorship seekers o How do I effectively communicate my need for sponsorship? o Who to contact for sponsorship? o What to offer to potential sponsors? o How to retain existing sponsors? o How do sponsors shortlist the proposals?
  4. 4. DOs & DON’Ts• Top Don’ts for a great sponsorship proposal o Should not be a copy & paste or search & replace or a generic document for all sponsors o Should not just include same benefits for all sponsors as different sponsors may have different sponsorship objectives o Should not just name sponsorship levels just like that by including “canned” set of benefits o Should not be just sent like emails without first speaking to brand/marketing team of sponsors o Should not be very large proposal as its difficult to read o Should not be sent to wrong person as its waste of time
  5. 5. DOs & DON’Ts (Contd.)• Top DOs for a great sponsorship proposal o Should be customized for every potential sponsor o Should address the marketing opportunity for potential sponsors o Should include custom leverage programs allowing sponsors to leverage sponsorship property for their sales & marketing campaigns o Should be sent after speaking with marketing/brand representatives o Should be a simple document, easy to read
  6. 6. Managing Sponsorship Proposals• Its very important to manage sponsorship proposal for every potential sponsors and keep a track• Following are key ideas for managing proposals in effective manner: o Easy to customize & change o Easy to track the customization o Easy to share o Easy to track the response on the proposals
  7. 7. Managing Sponsorship Proposals (Contd.)• Could the sponsorship proposal be managed online? o Depends o If online portal/website provides ways & means to do following: • Create quick custom proposals • Change easily • Share easily
  8. 8. Questions/Help• For questions or any help, log on to our website, and let us know.• Thank you!