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investify Presentation


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Fintech Meetup 2016-02-22

Published in: Business
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investify Presentation

  1. 1. business modell team investing feeling simply right technology
  2. 2. Investing expert managed core investments curated theme investments Profile 
  3. 3. Feeling simply right
  4. 4. Feeling simply right
  5. 5. Feeling simply right
  6. 6. Feeling simply right Risiko Bequemlichkeit
  7. 7. Team Sebastian Hasenack *awaiting our licence to be received
  8. 8. >20 yrs. experience in developing financial service software >20 yrs. experience in asset management and private banking Private Investors Investors As of now 2 mio €
  9. 9. Board Martin Stötzel Founder, Rhein Asset Management
  10. 10. StartUp Financing up to now – no problem Finding a bank – technical and pricing issues Development – highly experienced, fully stacked, extremly motivated aixigo guys Why Luxembourg?
  11. 11. Technology RWTH Aachen Spin-off Specialist in advisory and portfolio management software innovation driven
  12. 12. Technology elements of transaction account overview support chat monitoring portfolio reporting advice academy digital ident digital onboarding shopping cart secure app risk profiling ready to use financial advisory platform
  13. 13. Technology
  14. 14. Business modell Customer Investify as Wealth Manager Custodian Exchange Traded products Product origination Investify Reseller
  15. 15. asset management fees self generated customers (story telling, testimonials) reseller generated customers (FinTech, Banks, Retailer) Value streams