Question 4


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Question 4

  1. 1. Question 4How did you use new mediatechnology in theconstruction and research,planning and evaluationstages
  2. 2. What is new media? New media is a new way to access content such as film and games over the internet any time and any place. Games consoles and laptops which are capable of allowing the people to watch abroad in other countries too. During my work I have included different types of new media devices that I used.
  3. 3. Prezi part 1 I have used Prezi which is an online presentation website which lets you make your presentation 3 dimensional and have nice animations in between slides. The reason I have used this was because using Wix (slide 5) on everything will have been boring and not interesting to go through but because Prezi is available this lets the audience have a more better experience using 3D animations between slides.
  4. 4. Prezi part 2 Looking at text throughout the presentation would be boring, even with images it would still look boring because of the static feeling that all it does is goes from one slide to another. Prezi allows me to flow through the slides as if the slides are all in one place. By having a path way through the slides with images and text flying past it gives a much better user experience and it allows you to express your message much more clearly. Adding Prezi to the Wix page was simple to, all you had to do was copy and paste the code with Prezi’s embedded HTML.
  5. 5. Sony Vegas/iMovie part 1 When I finished my recording, the next step was to edit the footage and I did this by using Sony Vegas a professional editing software instead of iMovie which was on the iMacs. The reason I had chosen Sony Vegas over iMovie was because when I tried to add special effects such as lighting effects it was not possible and I had better experience with Sony Vegas because of previous editing experiences.
  6. 6. Sony Vegas/iMovie part 2 Using Sony Vegas I had to collect the footage and create a music video which had to have performance and narrative in it. Due to the problems I was having with iMovie I chosen to go with Sony Vegas and edit on there. This led me to make different types of effects and I made sure I would create the video as good to my ability as I could.
  7. 7. Wix part 1 Wix was the website I used to store all of the work which I have created during the tasks. Wix is an internet website which allows you to create your own blog like page. It can be viewed by anyone who knows the link or has found it online. Benefits of using Wix is that it is useful for when you are presenting your work such as pictures, it allows you to make a gallery of images and put it inside one of your pages.
  8. 8. Wix part 2 Another benefit of using Wix was that it makes the work look more exciting and less of a normal website for example a word document on a website. It allows you to place images everywhere so you can make it more eye opening. It also allows to embed links for example YouTube which I have embedded my music video with.
  9. 9. Green screen During my research tasks we had to test out the green screen in which we had to show that we had the ability to use it. A green screen is a piece of green or blue sheet behind the artist or an object and it allows you to put a background behind the artist or object. The way we tested this equipment out was with a song playing and we had to lip sing the song and have a appropriate background, for example my green screen test was with a hip hop song and we included a recording studio behind it. I have not used the green screen in my final video because I wanted to use the streets and the city with the lights more than a fake background.
  10. 10. Photoshop part 1 When the filming and editing of the music video was finished we then had to create the ancillary tasks and these had to be done on Photoshop. Photoshop is a piece of software which allows you to create and edit images from their original piece. I have used this program with my ancillary task and I have create a black background behind my artist and made his hand as clear as possible while behind his hand it was blurry, so that it gives the effect of the camera lens.
  11. 11. Photoshop part 2 Photoshop allowed me to add images and text in any which way I wanted which also let me change the colours of the images and text with the Hue and Saturation tool in which was not useful for me because I wanted to make the colours as realistic as possible. I already had Photoshop skills before I did this task and this let me expand my knowledge with this task because it allowed me to create something different to what I did before. When I had finished editing the images and the text I would add them into the CD template and make the CD album cover and I have added all the conventional aspects of a CD cover into my work.
  12. 12. CameraIhave used the camera that the school supplied us with and this led me to make my movie, but because I was not satisfied with the quality of the footage I decided to use my mobile phone which was capable of recording in 720p and this allowed me to create a better and more professional looking music video.
  13. 13. Computer Thecomputer I used was a Windows Machine at home for which I used to edit my footage on Sony Vegas and I used the iMacs and my computer for the Wix website. The reason I used my own computer was because the Macs did not have the Sony Vegas software and this did not allow me to do what I wanted with the special effects.