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Remote user research & usability methods to gather important insights fast

Presentation for UX Strategies Summit 2015 in San Francisco.

User research is a reliable way to answer important product questions. It allows gaining insights into customers' lives, identifying opportunities for your product, ensuring its viability and focusing efforts on areas of the greatest need. In the real world, budgets and schedules are constrained and your users are geographically dispersed. As such, a remote user study is a great solution that allows teams to answer questions and make important decisions about products quickly.

One of the challenges with user studies is figuring out the best way to integrate them into your Agile processes and communicate well with a development team. User research should be a collaborative effort of all team members in order to achieve the shortest learning cycle and achieve company-wide goals. Anna will cover different ways her team is sharing test findings and keeping information flowing between departments.

- Methods for effective remote user research
- Tools and techniques for conducting remote usability studies
- Tips on embedding user studies within your Agile development process

Remote user research & usability methods to gather important insights fast

  1. • Mix
  2. • Tools
  3. Notetaking
  4. • Analysis and Reporting