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Aitomation robotic process automation


Published on The Complete Robotic Process Automation guide. It explains what it is. What are the advantages of using it. Why it is important to use in business nowadays and all other valuable resources.

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Aitomation robotic process automation

  1. 1. Aitomation – Brief Intro • Official Incorporation Date : December, 2015 • Official Name : Aitomation Private Limited • Sector : Computer technology / Automation • Specific Industry : Robotic Process Automation, Business Process Automation • Domain :
  2. 2. Problem that Aitomation identified • Manual Work is Error Prone • HR is Expensive • Trained Monkeys • Slow
  3. 3. Solution Computer Automation Software to automate manual computer processes. Reduce Errors Save Time Increase Productivity Cut Costs
  4. 4. Success Stories • Automated Data Entry • IT industry • $3,000/mo in Savings • Automated Lead Generation • Real Estate Industry • $3,500/mo in Savings
  5. 5. Product SAM (Software to Automate Machines) automates redundant and repetitive work. Cumbersome Tasks Saves them 60% – 70% Time & Money!
  6. 6. Business Model • We provide consulting service and selling automation software targeted at SMEs. • Our team has a look at the task and determines the optimal package for your business. We charge $10 for this consultation. $249/mo $499/mo $899/mo $1349/mo 2 Tasks 5 Tasks 10 Tasks Unlimited Tasks Lite Small Medium Enterprise A task is defined as constituting of 15 clicks or events(e.g. shifting from one page to another)
  7. 7. Competition Features Aitomation UiPath OpenSpan Automation Anywhere Service Customizable Web & GUI One Click Solution SME Affordable Ease of Use
  8. 8. Team • Umair Ahsan • Co-Founder, CEO & CTO • Background in Computer Sciences. • Saad Ehsan • Co- Founder & COO • MSc Economics, Cyprus. • Shaharyar Ahsan • Co-Founder & CMO • Master’s Degree International Business, Germany.
  9. 9. Learn More, Contact us, Get Free Consultancy • Please visit