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  • i am pursuing in field of information technology(final year) with 74.7% from UPTU,am i eligible to apply?

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Recruiter handbook 2013

  1. 1. Recruiters’ Handbook Executive Placements 2013 B.Tech Computer Science Engineering -SHINING STARS Amit Kumar Jha Ravi Shanker th th th th10 /12 /B.Tech 62/60/62 10 /12 /B.Tech 76/64/63Summer Internship egg game, rapid roll Summer Internship networking (Bsnl), game (java) buying & selling carProjects done stock management online system Projects done smart travels Deepak Mudgal Anand Sekhri th th th th10 /12 /B.Tech 81/71/70 10 /12 /B.Tech 79/61/58Summer technical website about Summer Internship travel & tourism(c),Internship computer h/w & s/w), Niit audio player(j2me ltd, platform),Projects done cold storage system Projects done online shopping portal(.net)
  2. 2. Dheeraj Krishnender Singh Tanwar th th th th10 /12 /B.Tech 63/69/71 10 /12 /B.Tech 64/67/62Summer Internship error detection and Summer Internship library management correction, true value (Linux), buy & selling India, online shopping second hand car(.net), portal(.net) Projects done smart travel(.net)Projects done online shopping portal(.net) Kuldeep Pankaj Mangla th th th th10 /12 /B.Tech 67/54/55 10 /12 /B.Tech 70/63/76Summer Internship tour & Summer Internship a website about computer travel(c,c++),library h/w & s/w, management Projects done cold storage system system(.net)Projects done job portal(c#,.net)
  3. 3. Himanshu Nasa Deepak Gupta th th th th10 /12 /B.Tech 58/64/68 10 /12 /B.Tech 75/62/64Summer Internship Networking, true value Summer Internship library management India, system(, jobProjects done online shopping portal(c#,.net) portal(.net) Projects done job portal(c#,.net) Rajender Kumar Allesh Panda th th th th10 /12 /B.Tech 69/71/73 10 /12 /B.Tech 75/71/76Summer Internship telephone directory Summer Internship car hiring system management, (.net), renting system(advanced java)Projects done online property selling Projects done water marking system website)
  4. 4. Geeta Harish Mandoliya th th th th10 /12 /B.Tech 71/76/72 10 /12 /B.Tech 82/80/78Summer Internship fast food automation, Summer Internship rapid roll game (java), aging of raw material.Projects done student automation Projects done twisted buddies social system networking site Jalparani Kanika Agaarwal th th th th10 /12 /B.Tech 83/72/74 10 /12 /B.Tech 73/71/66Summer Internship Telecommunication, Summer Internship sbwde website,. edu- banking system. learning cdProjects done digital watermarking Projects done vocabulary tool,a data mixing application
  5. 5. Niharika Singh Sanchit Kulshrestha th th th th10 /12 /B.Tech 90/72/63 10 /12 /B.Tech 86/65/64Summer Internship Pyroll management Summer Internship fast food management system ©,aging of raw system, sports materials(vb& ms access adventureProjects done packet sniffer(java) Projects done smart travels Pratibha Saru Sethi th th th th10 /12 /B.Tech 69/66/68 10 /12 /B.Tech 69/69/69Summer Internship Telecommunication, Summer Internship annual maintenance banking system, system, library management system(.net)Projects done digital water marking Projects done digital water marking
  6. 6. B.E - Information Technology EngineeringSHINING STARS Ajay Bhadana Ajay Kumar th th th th 10 -12 -Btech % 56-58-5610 -12 -Btech % 64-58-60 60 Summer Internship CMC LtdSummer Internship NIIT AppinProjects done Steganography Technologies U.K Finger Print security Projects done Steganography system Finger Print security system Ankit Goyal Anshul th th th th10 -12 -Btech % 68-66-63 10 -12 -Btech % 60 60-60-56Summer Internship Enable IT Summer Internship HCLProjects done Tic Tac toe Projects done Library MIS College website, Virtual Network job site Network Filter
  7. 7. Bhagat Singh Deepak Dubey th th10 -12 -Btech % 78-80-63 60 -12th-Btech % 10 th 56-58-56Summer Internship Summer Internship CMC LtdProjects done Fingerprint Security Appin System Technologies U.K Steganography Projects done Steganography Finger Print security system Dharmendra Divakar th th th th10 -12 -Btech % 68-71-57 10 -12 -Btech % 60 63-61-56Summer HCL Summer Internship GKN SpancoInternship NIITProjects done Lib MIS Virtual Network computing Projects done Account System Network Filter Medical Diagnosis Spy Admin
  8. 8. Ekta Khadelwal Harshit Bansal th th th th10 -12 -Btech % 88-79-76 10 -12 -Btech % 60 72-72-79Summer Internship Espire lab Summer Internship Soft InfotechProjects done Digital Water Error Correction Projects done Video Library Desktop Sidebar Vh Image Inder Pal Singh Jatin Arora th th th th10 -12 -Btech % 10 -12 -Btech % 60 80-67-67Summer Yamaha Motors Summer InternshipInternship Projects done Hotel MIS Steganography Task Manager Projects done
  9. 9. Monisha Nikhil Ahuja th th th th10 -12 -Btech % 78-74-70 60 10 -12 -Btech % 70-57-69Summer Internship HCL Summer Internship e-saffron Spanco Projects done Video LibraryProjects done Weather Recording Billing System Medical Diagnosis Nh zipper Spy Admin Nikhil Bansal Pallavi Mittal th th th th10 -12 -Btech % 77-71-67 10 -12 -Btech % 60 75-65-70Summer TCS Summer InternshipInternshipProjects done Quiz System CDMA technology ATM simulator Projects done
  10. 10. Pankaj Dalal Chetan th th th th10 -12 -Btech % 56-55-55 10 -12 -Btech % 62-63-62Summer Internship Real time Summer Internship EscortsProjects done Food Court Projects done Employee MIS Exam Suite Car purchase system City Car Game Paras Pradeep th th10 -12 -Btech 64-73-67 60% th thSummer 10 -12 -Btech % 83-73-70Internship Summer Internship NIITProjects done Hospital MIS Fingerprint MIS Projects done stenography(using dct technique java) Hotel MIS
  11. 11. Preetam Thakur Preeti Sharma th th th th10 -12 -Btech % 79-92-65 60 -12 -Btech 10 68-65-64 60 %Summer Internship Cris InfoTech Summer Isoft pvt ltd Internship Projects done library management system feedback systemProjects done Automation banking image identification fingerprint Authentication Priyanka Tayal Rahul th th th th 10 -12 -Btech 73-65-65 60 10 -12 -Btech % 75-77-78 60 % Summer Hcl,Escorts Projects done electronic voting system Internship industrial Projects done multiplex control organization system multicasting over mobile voting lan system(.net)
  12. 12. Rahul Paul Rajat Kalra th th10 -12 -Btech % 68-62-61 th thSummer Aptech 10 -12 -Btech % 53-67-59Internship Summer InternshipProjects done mobile voting system Projects done Ravi Pathak Ritika Goyal th th 10 -12 -Btech 82-73-62 60 th th % 10 -12 -Btech % 73-63-66% 60 Summer CMC Summer Espire labsInternship Internship Projects done Projects done Hamming code Multicasting over hotel management system Lan stenography(using dct technique java)
  13. 13. Rohit Goyal Shalini th th10 -12 -Btech 78-59-67 60 th-12th-Btech 10 74-77-71 60% %Summer Niit,Cmc Summer Nhpc,SpancoInternship Internship Projects hotel Projects done medical done management diagnosis(c#) system spy admin(.net,c#) Steganography(us ing dct technique java) Soyal Kakkar Sonia singh th th th th 10 -12 -Btech 72-74-60 6010 -12 -Btech 83-73-68 60 %% Summer Jyoti electronics ltdSummer Isoft pvt ltd InternshipInternship Projects done hotelProjects done library management management billing system system image identification
  14. 14. Vikas Dalal Sumit Tayal th th10 -12 -Btech % 75-55-62 60Summer real time system th th 10 -12 -Btech 70-70-58 60Internship %Projects done network filter(java) Summer address book(c++) Internship Projects done Vinay Garg Vipul Mangla th th th th10 -12 -Btech 60-58-57 60 -12 -Btech 10 70-64-68 60% %Summer Thompson press Summer AptechInternship InternshipProjects done production Projects done hospital planning management control(c#) production finger print planning authentication control(c++) system production planning control(c++)
  15. 15. Manoj Kumar Verma th th Preeti Mahendru10 -12 -Btech 59-62-61 60 th th% 10 -12 -Btech % 74-74-65SummerInternship SummerProjects done Networking Internship Adhoc networking Projects done Sunil Nain Chetan th th th th 10 -12 -Btech % 62-63-6210 -12 -Btech % 47-57-56 60 Summer Internship EscortsSummer Internship Projects done Employee MIS Car purchase systemProjects done
  16. 16. B.E-Mechanical Engineering BranchSHINING STARS Anurag Gaur Ravi Shanker th th th th10 /12 /B.Tech 65/71/73 10 /12 /B.Tech 78/77/72Summer Internship plant study of Ntpc - Summer Internship Hydraulic Robotic ARM badarpur Thermal power point Projects done Project on Go and NoProjects done smart braking system Go Gauges Garvit Kushal Bothre th th th th10 /12 /B.Tech 70/76/71 10 /12 /B.Tech 78/73/71Summer Internship Study of Rotopacker Summer Internship Hydraulic Robotic ARMProjects done Hexapod robot based on kinematics Links Projects done Hydraulic Robotic ARM.
  17. 17. Devender Yogesh Soni th th th th10 /12 /B.Tech 70/64/69 10 /12 /B.Tech 67/53/68Summer Internship Plant study of turbine Summer Internship Steady of turbineProjects done Hexapod robot based on 4 - bar Mechanism Projects done Regenerative Braking Anil Deepak th th th th 10 /12 /B.Tech 62/64/67 10 /12 /B.Tech 62/64/67 Summer study of bill of material Summer study of bill of material Internship for hydraulic & process Internship for hydraulic & process of boom fabrication of boom fabrication Projects done Hexapod robot based Projects done Hexapod robot based on kinematics Links on kinematics Links
  18. 18. Sandeep Oswal Neeraj Awasthi th th th th10 /12 /B.Tech 63/63/65 10 /12 /B.Tech 82/65/65Summer Internship Study of VMC Machine Summer Internship 1600 crs Reduction Gear- Box at P.P Rolling mills mannt. Co: fbdProjects done Hydraulic Robotic ARM. Projects done Hexapod Robot on Kinematic Linkage. Gaurav Sahil Sharma th th th th10 /12 /B.Tech 79/65/65 10 /12 /B.Tech 83/75/65Summer Plant Study Robotic Summer Internship Study of wind millInternship ConfigurationProjects done Movabic Bridge Projects done Wind mill
  19. 19. Meghshyam Vishnu Dutt Shukla th th th th10 /12 /B.Tech 85/70/65 10 /12 /B.Tech 75/63/65Summer Internship Smart Braking System Summer Internship Assembly shop India YamahaProjects done Conversion of K.E into Electronic Energy to Projects done Ball drive concept car used in tail of bike (rear wheel drive without differential) Praveen Pankaj Singh th th th th10 /12 /B.Tech 68/71/65 10 /12 /B.Tech 80/74/63Summer on CNC Programming Summer Internship on CNC MachineInternshipProjects done Working Mechanism of differential Projects done Steering will ball drive concept.
  20. 20. Jony Kumar Anup singh th th th th10 /12 /B.Tech 67/67/62 10 /12 /B.Tech 69/65/63Summer Internship Hexapod Robotic Summer Internship locomotive (train engine study to report) Projects done gauges designProjects done Hexapod Robot Prithvi Raj Dass Sachin Kumar th th th th10 /12 /B.Tech 70/64/62 10 /12 /B.Tech 62/61/62Summer Internship Plant study ( fabrication Summer Internship Refrigerating sealed Deptt) systemProjects done Steering with ball drive concept car. Brief It is three wheel concept car Projects done Windmill power having freely wheel in generation front and 2 regular wheels without differential at rear.
  21. 21. Harish Vipin Kumar th th th th10 /12 /B.Tech 72/68/62 10 /12 /B.Tech 68/61/61Summer Internship Operation on crank shaft Summer Internship Hydro power statterProjects done Design and fabrication Hovercraft Projects done Hydraulic Robotic Arm Rohtash Joginder th th th th10 /12 /B.Tech 74/66/61 10 /12 /B.Tech 60/48/60Summer on CNC Programming Summer Internship Operation on crank shaftInternshipProjects done Movable Bridge Projects done design and fabrication Hovercraft
  22. 22. Amit Kumar Vivek th th th th10 /12 /B.Tech 65/72/61 10 /12 /B.Tech 70/59/60Summer Internship stamping Rolling Summer Internship Puspal forming process Projects done Ball drives ConceptProjects done Hovercraft (ACV) Car. Drive (It is a real wheel drive but without differential). Amit Kumar Jitender th th th th10 /12 /B.Tech 65/72/61 10 /12 /B.Tech 61/60/59Summer stamping Rolling Summer Internship Plant Study Swastik PipeInternship ltd.Projects done Hovercraft (ACV) Projects done Design and fabrication Hovercraft
  23. 23. Daleshwar Lalit Kumar th th th th10 /12 /B.Tech 57/60/59 10 /12 /B.Tech 64/67/58Summer Internship plant study at JCB ltd Summer Internship Study of GaugesProjects done Hydraulic braking Projects done Study Practically Go and System No-Go Gauges. Nishant Sharma Rohit Sharma th th10 /12 /B.Tech 60/66/58 th thSummer Bill of Material and 10 /12 /B.Tech 65/71/57Internship Boom Fabrication in Summer Internship VMC Machine EscortProjects done Hovercraft (ACV) Projects done Hydraulic Robotic ARM.
  24. 24. Santosh Negi Surender th th th th10 /12 /B.Tech 63/58/57.5 10 /12 /B.Tech 75/65/57Summer Internship Oil hole drilling Summer Internship steer by wire component rejectionProjects done Electro mechanical shock absorber Projects done Study Practically Go and No-Go Gauges. Rohit Malik Darpan Syal th th th th10 /12 /B.Tech 65/71/57 10 /12 /B.Tech 67/64/56Summer Internship Escort Shocker Summer Internship Central purchase deptt. AssemblyProjects done Movable Bridge Projects done Marketing analysis of Modern auto mobile safety
  25. 25. Deepak Yadav Aman th th th th10 /12 /B.Tech 55/62/55.3 10 /12 /B.Tech 65/64/54Summer Internship Hydraulic Robotic ARM Summer Internship steer by wireProjects done Electro mechanical Projects done Study Practically Go and shock absorber No-Go Gauges. Harish Kumar Arpan Dabas th th th th10 /12 /B.Tech 72/61/53 10 /12 /B.Tech 75/62/52Summer Internship Plant study of west Summer Internship Plant study of west central railway TKD central railway TKDProjects done Hydraulic Robotic ARM. Projects done Marketing analysis of Modern auto mobile safety
  26. 26. B.E-Electronics & Communication EngineeringSHINING STARS Anil Kumar Deepti Rani th th th th10 /12 /B.Tech 84/79/80 10 /12 /B.Tech 79/74/76Summer Internship Fastest finger first Summer Internship OP AMP &TimerProjects done Temp sensor application Projects done Attendance cum Energy saving system Poonam Famina Sangtani th th th th10 /12 /B.Tech 81/84/75 10 /12 /B.Tech 77/78/75.5Summer mobile controlled Summer Internship OP AMP & TimerInternship electrical Appliances applicationProjects done optical Smoke detector Projects done Home Automation through mobile
  27. 27. Monika Agarwal Lekhraj th th th th10 /12 /B.Tech 93/76/75 10 /12 /B.Tech 64/72/75Summer Internship Power Supply Summer Internship Traffic light controllerProjects done Digital Code lock sim Projects done Temperature Sensor Neha Gupta Rakesh th th th th10 /12 /B.Tech 76/80/75 10 /12 /B.Tech 82/73/72Summer Mobile controlled Summer Internship Bidirectional visitorInternship electrical Appliances. counter and display and device controlProjects done Pouch Packing Machine. CNC Machine Projects done Bidirectional visitor counter and display and device control based on embedded system
  28. 28. Swati Khanna Deepti Jain th th th th10 /12 /B.Tech 75/65/72 10 /12 /B.Tech 63/69/71Summer Internship Power Supply Summer Internship Home appliancesProjects done Line Follower Robot controlled by Remote Projects done Park Aid Diksha Goyal Vicky Kathuria th th th th10 /12 /B.Tech 75/65/70 10 /12 /B.Tech 64/62/64Summer OP AMP &Timer Summer Internship Power supplyInternship applicationProjects done Multichannel Door alarm with display Projects done Line Follower Robot
  29. 29. Brijbala Abhishek Raaj th th th th10 /12 /B.Tech 68/68/67.4 10 /12 /B.Tech 59/66/66Summer Internship Universal musical Summer Internship Temperature Sensor synthesizer Projects done Digital phase selectorProjects done Universal musical synthesizer Farah Shadab Isha th th th th10 /12 /B.Tech 76/60/66.7 10 /12 /B.Tech 64/62/64Summer Remote controlled of Summer Internship Power supplyInternship home appliancesProjects done Project on Park Aid Projects done Line Follower Robot
  30. 30. Lalit Kumar Anuj Sharma th th th th10 /12 /B.Tech 76/65/64 10 /12 /B.Tech 61/72/63Summer Internship Home Security System Summer Internship Fastest finger firstProjects done Room Temperature Projects done Temperature Sensor Sensor with 7 segment display Parveen Kumar Vikas Sharma th th th th10 /12 /B.Tech 63/65/63 10 /12 /B.Tech 57/73/62Summer optical Smoke detector Summer Internship Alternate relayInternship switching Projects done Bidirectional visitorProjects done mobile controlled counter electrical Appliances
  31. 31. Pankaj Yadav Kulvinder th th th th10 /12 /B.Tech 62/63/61 10 /12 /B.Tech 66/55/51Summer Internship Design 64-bit counter Summer Internship Automatic Room using verilog analyzerProjects done Digital phase selector Projects done Universal musical synthesizer Parveen Kumar Vikas Sharma th th th th10 /12 /B.Tech 63/65/63 10 /12 /B.Tech 57/73/62Summer optical Smoke detector Summer Internship Alternate relayInternship switchingProjects done mobile controlled Projects done Bidirectional visitor electrical Appliances counter
  32. 32. Nikhil Ishan Rakheja th th th th10 /12 /B.Tech 55/70/53 10 /12 /B.Tech 78/66/61Summer Internship TV. Tunner scada Summer Internship Home security Training minor Project System Remote control of home Projects done Bio - medical Appliances monitoring SystemProjects done Digital phase selector Deepanshu Dudeja Jasmeet Singh Sethi th th th th10 /12 /B.Tech 42/60/61 10 /12 /B.Tech 82/70/60Summer Traffic light controller Summer Internship Home SecurityInternship using AT89C2051 micro System controller Projects done Bio - medicalProjects done Bio - medical monitoring monitoring System System