Campaign For Real Beauty


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Campaign For Real Beauty

  1. 1. The Dove Self-Esteem Fund<br />A Campaign for Real Beauty<br />Emily Aitken<br />SMAD 256<br />
  2. 2. Beauty<br />The definition of beauty had become limiting and unattainable, as if only thin, young and blonde were beautiful.<br />Dove found that current, narrow definition of beauty was having a profound affect on the self-esteem of women:<br /><ul><li>Only 2% of women around the world describe themselves as beautiful
  3. 3. 81% of women in the U.S. strongly agree that “the media and advertising set an unrealistic standard of beauty that most women can’t ever achieve.”</li></li></ul><li>Not only women but girls too…<br /><ul><li>7 in 10 girls believe they are not good enough
  4. 4. 75% of girls with low self-esteem reported engaging in negative activities such as disordered eating, cutting, bullying, smoking and/or drinking
  5. 5. 57% of all girls have a mother who criticizes her own looks
  6. 6. 34% of girls with low-self esteem believe that they are not a good enough daughter</li></li></ul><li>The Self-Esteem Fund<br />The Dove Self Esteem Fund was created in 2006 to educate and inspire girls to a wider definition of beauty and help them with a stronger sense of self esteem.<br />Partners: Girl Scouts of America, The Boys and Girls Club of America, and Girls Inc.<br />Your purchase of any Dove product helps build self esteem. Enter your Dove UPC and select a charity. $1 will be donated to inspiring self-esteem programs.<br />Girls redefining Beauty in their own words<br /><br />
  7. 7. Who is helping?<br />The Fund Advisory Board<br /><ul><li>Team of experts from University professors to Clinical Psychologist all over the world
  8. 8. Members give their time for free
  9. 9. Explain how societal trends affect women everywhere
  10. 10. They feel passionate about raising female self-esteem and strengthening feelings on body-image</li></ul>As well as other Volunteers and Parents<br />
  11. 11. Who is it reaching?<br />Girls Pre-teens and Teens ages 8-17, as well as their mothers, mentors and/or guardians<br />So far Dove has reached over 3.9 Million lives through the Dove Self-esteem Fund<br />Their goal is to reach 5 Million by 2010<br />The Advisory board’s objective: is to guide Fund resources in the most efficient/effective way to reach millions of girls. <br />“Talk to your daughter before the beauty industry does.”<br />
  12. 12. How?<br />Girls Only Interactive Zone on the<br /><ul><li>Self-esteem workshops and online tools for moms, mentors and girls
  13. 13. Downloadable True You! Workbooks
  14. 14. Host your own self-esteem workshop
  15. 15. Create your own self-esteem bubble</li></ul>Become a Fan on Facebook<br /><ul><li>Discussion boards, video and wall posts</li></li></ul><li>“Onslaught”<br />A viral film that dramatically depicts the constant barrage of beauty images that girls absorb every day.<br />Both visually and emotionally powerful<br />The film is a wake-up call for anyone concerned about the factors that impact self-esteem in young girls. <br />[cp-documentid=8354359]/<br />
  16. 16. Inside a Workshop<br />Feedback from the girls and the experts<br /><br />
  17. 17. What works?<br />Positive self-image for girls ages 8-17<br />Shows us that unrealistic beauty ads do affect how these girls view and compare themselves to models and celebrities<br />Thought provoking ads (“Onslaught”)<br />Local organizations for face-to-face interaction<br />Encouragement of mother-daughter involvement<br />
  18. 18. What doesn’t work?<br />Do 8 year olds really go online? Availability of Mothers/Mentors to help?<br />Accessibility of Cable/Internet connection globally<br />More dependent on online than off-line activities<br />The 2008 Workshop tour only involved 20 major cities<br />Availability of local organizations in certain cities/states<br />
  19. 19. Thank You! <br />