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Bro Certification Ov0109

  1. 1. COPC® CertificationSolving Your CuStomer ContaCt BuSineSS ProBlemS, imProving PerformanCe Is your company experiencing a decline in business revenue? Low customer satisfaction ratings? Missed service levels? High costs? Inefficient processes? High attrition and absenteeism? COPC® Certification addresses these and many other business challenges, improving the performance metrics that drive your bottom line. Based on the most rigorous set of industry standards available, our COPC® Certification Process will infuse your customer contact organization with a new level of efficiency sure to improve virtually every aspect of operations. Compliance certification is a major near-term objective for many companies, assuring adopters of smoother, more efficient and cost-effective operations. Is your customer contact team up for the challenge?
  2. 2. COPC® Certification Process Our COPC® Certification Process presents a holistic approach to customer contact center management, based on a comprehensive set of benchmarking services, training courses and professional consultations. These combined initiatives establish a thorough measurement system by which customer-touch activities can be evaluated and improved.“Companies get excited about finding solutions to operational challenges, Unlike competitive “certification” programs, we take a unique, and that’s exactly what our performance based approach geared to the specific needs of your certification process is all about— organization. Our specialized process is built on a proven set of a means to an end in solving your industry standards for both Customer Service Providers (CSPs) and business needs.” Vendor Management Organizations (VMOs). — Alton Martin CEO and Co-Founder COPC Inc. Benefits: • Improve Customer Satisfaction Scores • Provide Consistent Service Levels for Phone Transactions • Boost On-Time Case Closures • Decrease Attrition and Absenteeism • Enhance Cost-Effective Operations • Establish a Custom Performance Measurement System for Continuous Tracking and Improvement of Key Performance Indicators The time it takes to achieve certification will vary based on the scope of work selected. Typical initial timeframes average approximately 12 months, with annual recertification to ensure continuous improvement. // 2
  3. 3. COPC® Family of Standards Certification is based on the COPC® Family of Standards—the most rigorous set of customer satisfaction metrics in the world. By achieving certification, your company ranks among the world’s most consistently high-performing call centers. The standards are regularly updated by our COPC® Standards Committee, which is comprised of volunteers representing a variety of companies that “The COPC Standard gives us a manage contact center operations as a business critical function. framework for business and individual *Copies of each of the current COPC® Family of Standards are success by promoting business available on request by registering at innovation, team work and personal growth.” — Kirsty Hunter Managing Director Datacom “If you want to go for something that is really helping you in the long run to establish a business, maintain your clients and leverage the internal resources, certification clearly helps to focus the organization.” — Ed Benack Senior Vice President // 3
  4. 4. Copies of the current COPC® Family of Standards are available on request by registering at For additional information, contact us at T E G Y COPC-2000, CERTIFIED COPC 2000 with design, CERTIFIED COPC 2000 GOLD with design and CERTIFIED COPC 2000 VMO with design are certification marks of Customer Operations Performance Center Inc. COPC and COPC with design are service marks and trademarks of Customer Operations Performance Center Inc. The marks are registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office and other countries worldwide. COPC Inc. is a tradename of Customer Operations Performance Center Inc. The reproduction of any portion of these materials without the prior written consent of Customer Operations Performance Center Inc. is strictly prohibited. © 1996 - 2009 Customer Operations Performance Center Inc. All rights reserved. BROServicesOV0109// 4