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  • Dear Tossa;

    I see Rev. Moon is now having his son going around and announcing his father is Christ and God; but until he comes to my Father Jesus by me as the Path of the Just he won't remove the Original Sin that is symbolized by the horizontal axis between North and South Korea: that Wall represents the strength of the Original Sin; and thus now the Cosmic barrier between Heaven and Earth. No man comes to my Father Jesus but by me; the Path of the Just.

    Pretending i don't exist isn't going to help Rev. Moon from dying in the position of john the Baptist who he JUDGED in his book 'Divine Principle'; and will thus end up having JUDGED HIMSELF: I am trying to stop this from happening with the help of my Servant John who is the Greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven; even as I am the Least; but you and all the rest are just going to be like Pilate and wash your hands of me: and let me tell you; it's the biggest mistake you all will ever make...

    ....oh; and here are some of my excerpts to the post;

    'Great speech; but the problem is that the other man who had a global mission at the Vertical Axis between East and West that symbolized the Free nations of Domocracy and the Bondsmen nations of Marxism. the Pope completed his work; the man called Pope John Paul II.

    The barrier he erased was that of the Wall of Babylon the Great; being that of Russia's '70 years of Babylonian Captivity,' which began in 1917; 930 years after 987 when Russia converted; Adam 'dying' at the age of 930 shows this represented the death of Adam at the Global level; meanwhile at the birth of the Second Adam seen at the Sun of Fatima in Portugal in 1917 we see the Providence for the Start in the Third Course of Restoration into Canaan at the Global level; the children and the Sun which came down from the sky being 'the signs and wonders' at the providence of the Start; and this course is what is Unsealed in the Revelation of Jesus Christ; which is the Opend Book of Life of the Lamb: in case Rev. Moon and his henchmen forgot; the Word of God happens to be the the One that IS WRITTEN!!.

    Thus the Horizontal Axis Rev. Moon was to knock down between the North and South representing the Strength of the Original Sin; as that the Pope knocked down represented the Strength of Sin. The division between the Rich and Poor nations is thus as that evil power that sustains the Wall of Privilege of those nations; those of the Northern Hemisphere of the World who are the Industrialized nations who are the Rich Man; and that of the Southern Hemisphere as of the poor Agaric nations as the Poor Man is pretty easy to see; Rev. Moon was to reunite Korea as the Priest as the Pope in the position of the High Priest did with East and West Germany; and the two Hemispheres of East and West then as well.

    Rev. Moon has been unable to unite Korea; because to do so one must remove the Original Sin the Wall between then two Koreas represents as the barrier now between Heaven and earth itself.

    The Axis as the 3-in-one beast of the Global Canaan and Karl Marx as the False Prophet ( the creature like a lamb speaking like a dragon is Marxism with the two horns of Communism and Socialism speaking Atheism ); and Karl Marx's global emantion as the Global Balaam were defeated; thus the Third Course of Restoration into Canaan on the Global level was successful; and now we have Red China as the Cosmic Canaan; and the Antichrist Osama bin Laden who stood as the Cosmic Balaam; now dead; by Barack Hussein; the Global Abel.

    The only way to remove the original Sin is by becoming a child of my Father Jesus; as those who do have no sin in them; but the only way to come to my Father Jesus is by me; as I now represent the Path of the Just; as that of the last 7 overcomings of the Lamb himself.

    Let me know if Rev. Moon is ready to fulfill his portion of responsibility: my Father Jesus will be here in 10 months: my advice?

    Don't wait to the Last Minute of the Lasy Hour of this: the Last Day.'

    In Love;

    the Mighty God of Jacob;

    Salvation Rose;

    the Bride; the Lamb's Wife.
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International women's day 2012

  1. 1. AIS International Women’s Day Debate Is being a woman Do some womenin a warzone more really get fired Why are women risky than being a because they are still the poorer sex? soldier? pregnant? Do men still get Why are women Why are more better pay than still dying having women than men women? babies? at risk of HIV? When will we know that men and women are equal?
  2. 2. International Women’s Day – Why?The first International Women’s Women and men came togetherDay events were held in March to talk about the need for 1911. Meetings, events and women to have basic rights protests were held across afforded to them – the right to Europe with the largest vote, the right to work, the rightdemonstrations attracting more to speak out in public and the than 30,000 people. right to earn an equal wage. While many of those basic rights have now been afforded to women in developed countries, there are still many women all across the world who are not legally allowed to own land, who are not permitted to work in certain jobs and who experience violence at home every day.
  3. 3. Why celebrate Women’s Day now? International Women’s Day is Women perform 66% of the world’s celebrated across the world on work and produce 50% of the Women earn 17 cents per dollar less March 8th to promote the food, but earn only 10% of the than menimportance of gender equality and world’s income and own only 1% of women’s empowerment. the property. Women retire with half the 1 in 3 women will experience Only 2% of CEOs of major Australian superannuation savings as men physical violence in their lifetime companies are women Women continue to be under- Young women continue to Young women will finish school with represented in all leadership roles in experience violence in their higher grades than young men, but communities world wide. Raising homes, in school yards and in will earn 17c less per dollar awareness of the issues facing relationships. Cyberbullying has throughout the course of their women across the world amongbeen linked to mental health issues careers. school aged students is a first step and school drop-out rates. towards achieving gender equality.
  4. 4. 5 main barriers preventing women from participating in the workforce in the same way as men: •The informal sector is where employees do not receive basic working rights such as minimum 1 Workforce wage, sick leave and protection from being unfairly fired. Women make up the majority of employees in this sector. participation •Within the formal sector, women still experience discrimination because of their gender, and are not given the same opportunities and support as men to take up leadership positions. •Despite doing the majority of the world’s work, women across the world earn on average 2 Equal pay between 10 and 30 percent less than men. In Australia, the pay gap between men and women doing the same work is 17 percent. 3 Financial • Women have far less access to resources, decision-making and business and land ownership than men. This means women cannot rely on a steady income in the same way as men.independence •Although new laws have given women the right to own land, cultural pressures, traditional4 Access to land courts and a lack of information being made available to women restricts their ability to become land owners. • Women often miss out on promotions due to child raising duties and it is harder for men to 5 Child-care take leave to care for their children. Additionally, child-care is often so expensive that sometimes having a stay-at-home parent is more cost-effective.
  5. 5. Get the facts2% 10% 70% In Sub-Saharan Women earn less Africa, women own less than 10 percent of 70 percent of the than 2 percent of the the world’s wages, world’s poor are land, but produce more but do more than women. than 90 percent of the two thirds of the food. world’s work.
  6. 6. Renata’s StoryLike many women across thePacific, Renata is the sole providerfor her family, earning an incomeby selling produce at the localmarkets in Naursori, Fiji.Renata cannot afford to send herchildren to school and there is noone at home to take care of themwhile she works. It takes Renataalmost an entire day to walk to themarketplace where she spends theweekend selling produce.At night, Renata and the otherwomen vendors sleep huddledtogether under their stalls in theunlit open air marketplace, in Q2 What so you see areconstant fear of being harassed or Q1 If you were in charge the challenges facing Are there similaritiessexually assaulted. of Renata’s village what between the women of Renata as a worker and would you do to change Fiji and the women of as a mother? How could her situation? Vietnam?After an exhausting weekend of work, these be overcome?Renata often returns home withoutenough money to feed her family.