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Folktales of india


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Published in: Education
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Folktales of india

  1. 1. GB6 Group III Indian Folk Tales Submitted to: Dr. Lucy Shaily Contributors: Aishwarya munjal Tushar kanojia arpit mangla Sundaram yadav shubham agarwal shubham
  2. 2.  What is a folktale?  Characteristics of folktales   Morals of folktales A survey of favorite folktales
  3. 3.   The word folktale is a general term for stories that were told and retold from generation to generation by the common "folk". Folktales have unknown authors and often have several variations of the same story because they have been told by different people for so long. Folktales teach us about the traditions and customs of different cultures around the world.
  4. 4.  Simple and straight forward  Includes magic or supernatural powers  Characters represent human qualities such as good, evil, wisdom, foolishness, laziness  Problems and conflicts are clear  Ending is usually happy or satisfying  Good usually rewarded, evil punished
  5. 5. A folktale of India is defined as a tale or legend that begins from and is traditional among a people or folk.  Different from myths and legends because they do not always have religious leanings, and are not based on historical truths.  They explain why some animals look and behave the way they do, or why the moon has phases etc.
  6. 6.  Indian fairy tales  Tricksters tales  Panchtantra  Local Legends  Myths
  7. 7.  Include good and bad characters  Magic or fantasy  Includes predictable beginnings and endings “Once upon a time” “Happily ever after”  Problem which is usually overcome through kindness, courage, intelligence
  8. 8. One character (the protagonist or trickster) is clever and devious causes problems for another is usually unpunished Different cultures have specific tricksters
  9. 9. Vikram & Betal  Chacha Chaudhary 