Mori no Ike Concept Design Presentation


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Our design firm Ishida/Crandall is designing the permanent site for the Japanese village at Concordia Language Villages. I worked as a counselor for 4 summers during college, and now my former employer is our client almost 20 years later!

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Mori no Ike Concept Design Presentation

  1. 1. Mori no Ike, the Japanese Village Concept Design July 2007 Concordia Language Villages A program of Concordia College, Moorhead, MN
  2. 2. Mori no Ike, the Japanese Language Village Concordia Language Villages has initiated a design process to con- ceptualize and construct year-round facilities for Mori no Ike, the Japanese Language Village. This culturally authentic Village will be situated on one of the two remaining Concordia Language Villages sites on Turtle River Lake, near Bemidji, Minnesota. In addition to being the site for Mori no Ike’s summer youth sessions, the new facility will be used for additional language and cultural programming for adults, families and school groups throughout the year. Programmatic use of the site is an integral part of the language and cultural immersion philosophy at Concordia Language Villages. The Village will, therefore, be authentic not only in its aesthetics and style, but also in providing a context for Japanese customs and daily/seasonal routines. Design Architect: ISHIDA/CRANDALL 373 Broadway, suite D8, New York, NY 10013 All rights reserved © 2007
  3. 3. Flow of space from outside to inside Multi-functional tatami room: for sleeping, entertaining and studying Getabako Geta Kutsu Surippa Kutsushita Surippa At Home Getabako Kutsu Uwabaki Surippa At School Hakimono (footware) Rituals Key Concepts
  4. 4. Beach Turtle River Lake Lesnoe Ozero Mori no Ike Les Voyageurs El Lago del Bosque Gravel Court Lac du Bois with Communal Buildings Forest Grune Welle Cottages Waldsee Row Houses Salolampi Skogfjorden Buck Lake Mori no Ike village site photos Mori no Ike village site plan Turtle River Lake site plan Site
  5. 5. Urban Street: Row house cabin type based on Machiya houses with storefronts Forest Cottages: Cottage cabin type based on Sukiya houses Cabins
  6. 6. Villagers’ cabins look into courtyard View from street looking into Candy Store & bank on ground floor, cabins on upper floor courtyard Model of Urban Street with Rowhouses
  7. 7. Dining Hall (back) & Art / Dojo Building (front) Model of Gravel Court
  8. 8. Model of Gravel Court
  9. 9. View through passage in Large Group building into Gravel Court Night View
  10. 10. ISHIDA/CRANDALL LLC 373 Broadway, suite D8, New York, NY 10013 tel: 212-343-7028 All rights reserved © 2007 Project Team: David Crandall, Madeline Hartzell, Karen Holmgren, Aki Ishida, Jason Lee, Tommy Lindgren