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Mac, save your life


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Mac, save your life

  1. 1. everyonewho getan accidentHealth organizationsInsurance Training for our employeer Fast and professionalservice for accident Save life person fromaccident Health service Products Low cost resource Professional and high quality Advertising online (website , central calling, socialmedia etc) Direct Selling Professionalhealth care Give fast responfor accidentMeet and greet withcustomer on healtheventsFeedback box and smscustemerMember account in ourwebsite Public HealthService,Hospital Police Proffesional healthserviceMass Society Medical Tools Modification fee Doctor Salaries Maintenance Transportation Proffesional Health staff Medicine Medical Service Revenue Sponsorship from Ministry of Health, Departement of Health, andHealth OrganizationCreative created by :Tiarisna HN, Fitra Rahitasari, Primadion sofyan Modern medical tools
  2. 2. Executive SummaryThe high number of traffic accidents increasingly worrisome. Based on data from the National Police, thedeath rate from traffic accidents in Indonesia as many as 32,000 people .That’s so irronic fact. Surabaya is ametropolitan city where many people get traffic accident in there. In the normal handling of traffic accidents, speedand accuracy as well as efficiency measures equipment used will determine the effectiveness of aid to the victimsin order to minimize the number of deaths or injuries resulting in disability. The main cause of death of a patientemergency is respiratory, cardiac arrest, bleeding and shock. There needs to be a rapid response service conceptto handle victims with emergency Events from traffic accidents. The concept of service is named "Mobile AccidentCare (MAC)" which will surely work together with relevant parties.In the implementation of these services, MAC will work with some health services, police, and healthorganizations. MAC company collecting data on traffic accidents in Surabaya to know where dangerous area ofaccidents. In order to improve the professionalism of the companys experts, MAC provide training to employeesregarding the handling of emergencies and first aid. These services have professional service and quick responsein case of traffic accident victims.MAC company publishes by advertising online (website, central calling, social media etc), direct selling,and meet and greet in health events. The customer can registers to be member MAC account in our website forget discount if accident happen to him. MAC provides feedback box (in retail store and on website) for customerwho want to give some criticisms and suggestions for the improvement of MAC.Revenue streams of this company are medical service revenue and some sponsorship from ministry ofhealth, departement of health, and health organizationThe scope of activities conducted by MAC to the victims of accidents through mobile transportation inwhich there are a set of modern medical equipment and healthcare professionals. The communities that involvedin the accident will be able to easily contact the MAC call centre and quickly centered proffesional health staff willbe sent to rescue the victims. Accident aid measures will be done quickly and professionally in the mobile car so itwill save their life fastly. For better and fast service, car MAC will be concentrated in areas downtown traffic anddangerous area.