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Present like a pro


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Oxford series based ppt guide

Published in: Education
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Present like a pro

  1. 1. Present like a pro Alex
  2. 2. Let’s get started Explain why audience will be interested Say what the topic is Introduce yourself Welcome audience
  3. 3. Welcoming the audience • Good morning/afternoon, ladies and gentlemen • Hello/Hi, everyone • First of all, let me thank you all for coming here today • I’m happy/delighted that so many of you could make it today
  4. 4. Introducing yourself • Let me introduce myself, I’m ….. from ….. • For those of you who don’t know me, my name’s….. • As you probably know, I’m …….. • These are my co-presenters/ partners/friends ….. And …..
  5. 5. Saying what your topic is • As you can see on the screen, our topic today is …… • Today’s topic is….. • What I’d like to present to you today is….. • The subject of my presentation today is • I’m presenting about…. • I’m going to talk about …. Would like to tell you about Will begin with/ I’ll start of by Going to talk about /report on Will be talking about
  6. 6. Explaining why your topic is relevant • My talk is particularly relevant to those of you/us who…. • Today’s topic is of particular interest to those of you/us who…. • My/The topic is very important for you because … • By the end of this talk you will be familiar with ….
  7. 7. Outline Introduction Part 1 a b Part 2 a b Part 3 a B Conclusion I’ve divided my presentation into …. parts In my presentation I’ll focus on …..major points. First(of all), I’ll cover …., second, and third… I’ll begin (start of) with … Then/Next/After that, I’ll go on to Finally, I’ll…..
  8. 8. Attention grabbing intro Ask a rhetorical question Have you thought of moving to another country? Do we really need money to be happy? Start with an interesting fact Did you know that Taiwan has the lowest birth rate in the word? Bubble tea was invented by mistake, cool right?
  9. 9. Attention grabbing intro Tell a story or a joke I remember I ……/My friend once…. Give a problem to think about Suppose you wanted to become famous what would be your first step? Imagine you had a thousand of empty bottles, How would you go about it?
  10. 10. Signposting Saying what’s coming In this part of my presentation, I’d like to tell you about… So, let me give you a brief overview… Moving to the next point This now leads us to my next point Let’s move on to the next point Let’s now turn to the next part
  11. 11. Signposting Indicating the end of the section This brings me to the end of my … point So much for part … / So that’s the … Referring back As I mentioned before,… / Let’s go back to…. / As I said earlier…. Summarizing a point I’d like to sum up the main point Let me briefly summarize what I’ve said so far
  12. 12. Adding ideas, moving on In addition to this, …. Moreover/Furthermore,… As well as that, …. Apart from …., SV A …. plus … B Consequently, Therefore Thus
  13. 13. The rule of six and other suggestions • 6 lines per slide • 6 words per line • Light background and dark font • Legible font (size and shape of the letters) • If you add pictures, crop them • Make you slides visually pretty
  14. 14. Conclusion Signaling the end of the presentation This brings me to the end of the presentation Thank you for listening Ok, I think that’s everything I wanted to say As a final point, I’d like to I’m now nearing(approaching) the end of my talk
  15. 15. Conclusion Summarizing the points Let me go through the main points again To sum up then, we Just to summarize the main points of the talk Inviting the questions Now, I’ll be happy to answer your questions Are there any question?
  16. 16. Effective conclusions Using questions What are you waiting for? Why are we still here? Quoting a well-known person As … once said, … To quote a well-known ….., …. To put in the words of …., …. Referring back to the beginning Remember what I said in the beginning of my talk? Let me just go back to the story I told you earlier.
  17. 17. Thank you! =)