Tausug wedding


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Reported by: Ibni, Aisha and Allao, Eloiza Mae

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Tausug wedding

  1. 1. Tausug Wedding By:Allao, Eloiza Mae A. Ibni, Aisha J.
  2. 2. • Pagpasihil• Pagpangsawa• Pagturul• Pagkawa tugun• Pagkawin• Pagtibhao
  3. 3. PAGPASIHIL• Is to inquire if the woman is single . • The family of the man will send a messenger to ask the parents of the woman.
  4. 4. PAGPANGASAWA• Proposal of marriage.• The parents of the man will go to the house of the woman to ask the hands of the woman for marriage.
  5. 5. • Yari kami nagmuhut • We came here to ask for muhut gimaban pa bay your daughter’s hand niyu ha maksud namu for marriage. We are mangayu anak salta referring to your mangdihil anak. Amu in daughter Aisha who is pag iyanun anak niyu he to be married to our son Aisha pangayuon namu. Ali. In anak pag-iyanun ipagdihil namu he Ali.
  6. 6. • The parents of the man will bring a piece of gold to signify a symbol of word of honor, which is called “Tapil Dila.”• This piece of gold is suppose to be returned during the time of final dowry.• The woman will be now asked for the consent of this marriage proposal.
  7. 7. • Piyag isunan namu • We have decided biya sin gawi niyu regarding with the pagpangasawa, ini in marriage proposal, sukat. this is what we ask for.If the demand is agreeable to the parents of the man, then the messenger will return to the woman to say that they accept.
  8. 8. PAGTURUL• Official engagement• The groom will invite all of his relatives who is willing to join the occasion. And they will bring a certain type of food which is to be gathered and brought to the house of the bride.
  9. 9. • The representatives of both sides will come together in front of the audience. The representative of the bride will speak first to tell the demand in public and then the representative of the groom will say “Yes, we accept.”• The snacks will be served to all.
  10. 10. PAGKAWA TUGUN• It is to set the day of the wedding followed by the bringing of the dowry.• It is done in the house of the bride, a parents-to-parents conversation.
  11. 11. PAGKAWIN• The wedding.• Pagpaygu – The bride is wearing some clothes on. – It is done just to make the bride calm.
  12. 12. • The groom will enter the room with an overnight; –Turung –Fan –Powder –Lipstick –Nail Brush • The one who will perform this ritual to the bride should have a mother and father alive.
  13. 13. • Gilingun – The bride is facing the corner and will turn her 3 times to the left and right. And last turn to face the crowd. • While performing this practice, there is someone singing called “Paglugu”.
  14. 14. • The groom will now enter the room with an Imam to do the “Ba’tal”. After that, she is already the wife of the groom.The couple sharing the groom’s traditional food of eggs, crabs, fried chicken, Tausug cake and rice given to the bride.
  15. 15. PAGTIBHAO• To visit.• It is done three days after the pagkawin.• The family of the groom will bring food to the house of the bride.
  16. 16. THE END!!