How to Safe Guard the Intellectual Property when you Buy a Business?


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In Franchise Business, it is the IP that is inherently traded between the franchisor (seller) and the franchisee (buyer). So one should be well aware of how it should be protected and managed strategically.

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How to Safe Guard the Intellectual Property when you Buy a Business?

  1. 1. In simple words, Intellectual Property are the creation of individuals, who are protected by law, ensuring that they have control (limited) on the use made of the production (products), as a result of their creation. In the knowledge economy of today, Intellectual Property is one of the most valuable assets that have to be protected and managed strategically.
  2. 2. Various types Of Intellectual Property 1 •Patents 2 •Copyrights 3 •Industrial Design Right 4 •Trade Marks 5 •Trade Dress 6 •Trade Secrets...
  3. 3. Many a times a franchisee would be given ownership only on part of the IP or a franchisor sells just the usage of the IP to market or sell the products or services. However the major benefit to the franchisee is the usage of the trade mark itself as it represents the IP of the business.
  4. 4. IP - What is important to the Franchisee? It is important for the franchisee to go through the franchising agreement, clauses and the disclosure agreement conscientiously to ascertain • if intellectual property rights are needed for ensuring continued operations.1 • if the ownership of all the important IP such as trademark, copyright and the like are transferable in whole or by part? 2
  5. 5. IP - What is important to the Franchisee? Franchisor decides to sell whole or part, as the entire idea is to expand a successful business without borrowing capital and thus as a franchisee buys an opportunity to trade products and services under a well reputed trade mark and produces the same using proven formulae of the seller. Although it comes at a price, franchisee also benefits financially from the trade. Therefore it is also the responsibility of the franchisee to protect the IP for his own benefit.
  6. 6. IIHT has registered its IP and considers its IP among the highly valuable assets of the company. It is registered and has copyrights for all its products and services. Further it provides all its franchises, the essential access to use its IP in order to ensure uniform and high quality delivery across franchises. As any other Franchise Business, IIHT too gets into fixed term contract for the same. For further information on the same please visit and leave us a message.
  7. 7. Corporate Headquarters #15,Sri Lakshmi Complex, 4th Floor, St. Marks Road, Bangalore - 560 001. India Tel: 91 80 6160 4545 e-mail: web: