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Big Data could give you a Big Career with a Big Pay Check!!!


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IIHT Technologies provides individual and enterprise learning solution in Big Data. It is available in both skill segment, where in individuals can enroll for short term courses and gain expertise in individual skills such as Big Data Administrator, Big Data Hadoop Programmer, Big Data Analyst or Scientist. And individuals also have options to enroll in IIHT Technologies’ academic courses such as MSc IT IMS and MBA IT which includes studies in Big Data and other leading technologies. IIHT Technologies has partner in this feat, with Cloudera. Cloudera is one of the leading Global IT firms. The courses supported by Cloudera will be related to all Big Data products, on programming, and analytics. These well structured courses will be available in all IIHT centers and IIHT Franchises.

Be the one who leads Big Data Fraternity that is changing the way of Business and life!!

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Big Data could give you a Big Career with a Big Pay Check!!!

  1. 1. A Career in Big Data Can Change Your Life Big Data is a technology galloping into all companies, the investment by companies itself indicates the need for talent pool in the future, but will there be sufficient Big Data professionals? or will skill gap be an obstacle? INFORMATION BY 2020 40 ZETA BYTES $80Thousand For a Junior level Professionals Global Organizations by 2015 20% OUT OF 1000 Global Organizations will have established Shortage ! US will face a shortage Of up to 190, 000 Big Data Scientists by 2018 50 Folds Big Data Digital Universe to grow by 50 Folds just in a decade as per IDC report Skill Need by 2015 OVER 4.4 Million Jobs in Big Data will be created worldwide Bid Data Market Forecast 2012 2013 2015 USD in Billions What’s Causing Increase in Data? Thoughts “Big Data is a top business priority at the time and drives enormous opportunity for business improvement.” To Train 100000 BIG DATA Professionals By 2016!!! IIHT Technologies delivers quality education and training in Courses such as Big Data Administrator, Big Data Programmer in Hadoop, And Big Data Analytics. Learn from the leaders of IT IMS world, across globe. The courses offered is in Partnership with Cloudera. Big Data Skills Reasoning, Streaming Data, Communication, Multiple Data Set Handling, Statistics, Data Forecast, Hadoop BIG DATA is revolutionizing the way we did business. Access to first hand information on customer needs and thoughts has been made possible by Big Data. The forecasts and inferences has enabled effective strategic decisions and enormous opportunity for business improvement. Professionals required at various levels with various specializations. Be a Big Data Professional today! Be Big Data Engineer, Administrator, Data Analytics Developer or even Data Crunch Analyst. Earn twice the current IT Professionals!! Pave way for the best IT Career of the day!! That’s 45 Trillion Gigabytes Information Infrastructure Big Pay Check INFORMATION GROWTH BY 2020 2017 $53.4 $32.1 $10.2 $5.1 Data of 2.7 Zeta Bytes exist in Digital Universe (2012) Data Source : Wikibon 100 Terabytes data upload per day on FB! 48 hours video upload per minute on You Tube! 175 million tweets per day! 571 new websites created every day! How is it going. Heard about Obama government shut down