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Filming day !


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Filming day !

  1. 1. Early start to the day, got ready and got upand met the girls at the bus stop, then we got going !
  2. 2. Whilst in Ilford, we thoughtthat we would take some nicelocation shots to put in ourfilm just to represent that he iffrom these areas. Here aresome of the pictures ..
  3. 3. We got one of thecharacters to standon a brick wall andwe only filmed herlips moving sayinga few words fromthe song.
  4. 4. We said that we would include a rooftop location in the music video to give the character asense of authority that is above everyone else and as if he owns them. So we found a placewhere the character can do it. Instead of the artist being there we got shots of the femalecharacter up in this location. We were really pleased to even found such a location as well.
  5. 5. A shot of thefemalecharacterfilming her biton this highleveledplatform.
  6. 6. A shot from the roof top. It was very high up!
  7. 7. Us justfilming ..
  8. 8. So we’ve done all the shots we wanted to take in Ilford, now were at the train station onour way to the ExCel where most of our shots will be held of the actual artist. We also metwith the artist at the train station
  9. 9. We needed batteries for the speakers which was used to make the music louder than itwas already is so it makes it easier for the artist to mime his lyrics to the camera.
  10. 10. So we finally reached our destination! Luckily there wasn’t a lot of people about whichwas an advantage for our music video because we only wanted the artist in the shot. Wedidnt want disturbance from other people.
  11. 11. Once we got to the place, we instantly started shooting the first bit we wantedwith the artist on the stairs
  12. 12. From the bottom, we saw that there was a bridge above us, just further away, and wethought hat this would be an amazing place to shot from. It was like an alternative to arooftop. So we went up the lift and started shooting.
  13. 13. Coincidently, when at thebridge I found this Dengraved onto it. Wethought that it wasperfect because you canalso see the view frombehind. We canincorporate it into themusic video itself as a 1second shot.
  14. 14. Taking shotsof the artistwhilst ontop of thebridge
  15. 15. We then got onto the train and started making ways to our next destination which was PiccadillyCircus. There was a lot of people here, probably because of the fact that it was the weekend, but it was an advantage because we did in fact want shots of random people in our music video.
  16. 16. When at Piccadilly circus, we started filming the last bits of the music video and then called it awrap! It was really dark as well, which we wanted because of the lights that came out of shops,streets, decorations etc.
  17. 17. We then called it a wrap and went home! We were really pleased with all theshots that have filmed and thought we did better than expected. The weatherwas perfect, a bit chilly though. But overall it was a very productive and amazingexperience filming a actual music video.