Contemporary issues


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Contemporary issues

  1. 1. The issues that will be discussed are privacy, technology and the relationship between the artist and record labels and getting a deal. This will help me with my main task as I caneither accept these issues and reinforce them when I do the video or I would reject them and challenge the messages they are trying to portray.
  2. 2. Access to older music no longer in print:When artists change labels, their new label is not allowed to produce the albums the artist made on theold label, and if the old label decides not to print anymore albums or release the songs, the music iseffectively dead. Music downloading is the only way for most people to access these “dead” songsCreates devout music fansMost music downloaders are teens that both have the time it takes to download mass amounts ofmusic, and who also don’t have the money needed to buy albums. However, music downloading doescreate a love of music, that will carry over when teens become adults.
  3. 3. - Each year the industry loses £2.5 billion to piracy worldwide.- Honest retailers lose because they can’t compete with the prices offered by the illegal vendors, or free illegal downloads.- Less business means more unemployment.- Musicians, singers, songwriters and producers don’t get the royalties and fees they’ve earned, and most depend on the fee to make a living.
  4. 4. Radiohead – Kid A- When Radiohead released their new album on Oct. 3, 2000, it debuted at #1 on the Billboard charts.- All this was done without music videos, interviews, radio play, or touring (the main sources of publicity for most big artists).- The publicity it gained before its release was through free online downloads, particularly Napster.- The record company decided to give out the entire album online to radio stations and selected sites, and as a result, 3 months before the release date, all of Kid A was available for free for all to download on Napster, where massive amounts people downloaded the album for free.- This is why the RIAA worked so hard to shut down Napster, because if people have already downloaded an album, who would want to buy it?- But despite the heavy downloading, the album still sold 210,000 copies in its first week, which suggests that downloading created enough publicity.
  5. 5. A wide range of technologies have been used to enhance the effect of the waymusic is experienced in the music industry. Some technologies are used moreoften than others.Auto-tune, which was invented by Dr Andy Hildebrand, allows the user tocorrect the pitch of their own voice in order to hide off-key singing. The firstsong to use Auto-tune was ‘Believe’ by Cher in 1998. However, Auto-tune hasbecome popular with many of today’s artists, such as: T-Pain, Akon, RebeccaBlack and Maroon 5.Auto-tune has also been accessible to the public via a free app called ‘I am T-Pain’. This app allows you to auto-tune your own voice. This shows how easy itis for anyone to use auto-tune and how much of an accessible feature it hasbecome.Artists aren’t the only people who Auto-tune themselves. Auto-tune is used ona wide range of videos to turn normal speech into professional sounding music.Nick Clegg – I’m Sorry (Auto-tune):http//
  6. 6. Auto-tune has become somewhat welcomed and encouraged in the musicindustry. It also encourages the audience to make their own music usingAuto-tune. One example would be Rebecca Blacks – ‘Friday’.However, despite the positive outcome of Auto-tuned music, many artistsand audience members argue that Auto-tune has caused ‘The death of realmusic’. Jay-Z shares his views in a song called Death of Auto-tune whereas T-Pain is known for his heavy usage of the tech.Artists who frequently use Auto-tune are said to be able to ‘delude’ theaudience by covering up off-key notes which allows them to get away withit. For example, Kanye West – Heartless, Rihanna – Disturbia and Lil Wayneft. Static Major – Lollipop.
  7. 7. This new source of technology can be both an advantage and adisadvantage towards the music industry. In one aspect it allows anyone tobecome more involved with the music which means that even more peoplecan become noticed in the music industry.However it can also create negative effects in the way that artists arepresented. Depending on people’s views it could change the way theaudience see’s the artist which could have a very bad impact towards themusic industry.
  8. 8. The way that music is distributed is equally as important as the way it isproduced. This is why media players have played a big part in thedistribution of music.CD players were released in 1982 and cost around $900. This was thepopular choice for most people as it was easy to use and compact. Also,CD’s were the popular format for most albums. This came across as a greatadvantage for not only the music industry but also for businesses aroundthe world. As music CD’s would increase in demand, CD players would alsoincrease in demand.However it wasn’t long until the MP3 player was introduced. The MP3player was an even more compact and efficient way of listening to music onthe go. For example the iPod and the Zune.
  9. 9. The audience always needs different ways in which they can listen to music.This is why the music industry has take advantage of this and have madesure that music comes in many different type of formats so that it can beconsumed in more than one way.Music can be purchased via iTunes. iTunes is a gigantic music cataloguewhere music can be easily bought and stored for a very low price. This is themost common way in which music is consumed by the audience. iTunes canalso be used to transfer songs to your iPod or iPhone by automaticallysyncing purchased songs to a connected device.
  10. 10. There was an article by Hellienne Lindvall on ‘The Guardian’ newspaper about how supporting copyright is not the same as opposing freedom of speech. She was invited as a representative of ACTA
  11. 11. The internet/technology has made therelationship between record labels and artists almost unnecessary. Its easier to be an independent artist eg. Ed Sheeran, Ludacris
  12. 12. LUDACRIS‘Incognegro’ is the independently releaseddebut album by American rapper Ludacris. Mostof the tracks were then reused in his major labeldebut ‘Back for the first time’
  13. 13. ED SHEERAN• He released his 8th independent extended play ‘No.5 collaborations project’; with it, Sheeran gained mainstream attention. Three months later, he was signed to Asylum/Atlantic records.• Throughout 2010, Sheeran began to be seen by more people over the internet through YouTube and his fan base grew, with him also getting credit from ‘The Independent’ newspaper
  14. 14. MEGAVIDEO• Megavideo got shut down due to issues of piracy, however they are not opening a new company which allows artist to upload their music and allows audiences to download it. This gives artists 90% profit and mega video 10%, this initially cuts out the need of the record label
  15. 15. As technology is improving it is making it easierfor these artists to upload their music onwebsites such as YouTube, Megavideo etc. thisallows artists to expand independently, makingtheir relationship between artists and recordlabels unnecessary
  16. 16. How Issue Affects…
  17. 17. Music production• Artists signed to a record label have access to expensive music producing materials.• Expert vocal training means the artist has a more professional studio sound.
  18. 18. production• Record labels highly influence the music produced by artists in order to satisfy certain audiences.• This can be seen as an issue because the artist may not be catering for the audience that they desire or produce the music that they like.
  19. 19. For example• The artist Pink has not always produced pop/rock songs, when starting out as an artist her label saw a niche in the market for a white female R&B artist.“My record label wanted me to record my albuma certain way and I wanted to go another way”
  20. 20. Both completely different Artist in terms of target audience,music genre etc. However the relationship between Pink and her record label made it look as if she was an R&B artist (image, music) like Kelly Rowland when in fact she was the complete opposite.
  21. 21. MarketingMarketing for the artist becomes much easier,• This includes developing and executing ad and marketing campaigns as well as promoting and plugging the acts to media.
  22. 22. Marketing …• Record labels can enable for artists music to be used in movies and adverts, and license rights to global parties in different markets.
  23. 23. Distribution • Record labels are beneficial in terms of distribution of music.• They have the power to easily distribute your music on the TV, Movies, popular music stores (HMV) • Whereas an independent artist mostly only has access to the internet.
  24. 24. Cross media synergy• If an artists music exists as part of a cross media synergy it means that it is exposed to more people, in many different formats.• An independent artist may not have access to the means to do this. However record labels are able to do this very easily.
  25. 25. For example:Beyoncés song ‘Check on it’ and movie ‘pinkpanther’ can be seen as part of a cross mediasynergy. Those who watch the movie areexposed to the song and vice versa. This showsmusic and film converging.
  26. 26. Exchange• The artist receives the necessary funds to produce, market and distribute their material and also recognition across the professional industry market, which leads to featuring with popular artists.
  27. 27. ExchangeThe record label gains two things:1. Become well known in the industry for producing credible artists.2. They invest in the artist and in return make a lot of money from the artists.